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Physical Plant Services

Hours of Operation 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Non-Emergency Requests - can be made in writing using the online Work Order form below or by email, or Telephone (see menu below - click on a red link).

Emergency Requests - may be called into Physical Plant Department at (505) 925.8850 or by calling Campus Police at (505) 925.8570. The Physical Plant Personnel will expedite the emergency service.

After Hours Requests - will be taken by our Campus Police Dispatch at (505) 925.8570. The service will be processed based on the nature of the request.

For more information please call the Physical Plant at (505) 925.8851.

Campus Safety, American Disabilities Act (ADA), Hazardous Materials

Furniture Moving, Grounds Cleanup, Installation (dispenser, pencil sharpener, whiteboard, etc.), Light Bulbs, Restroom Cleanup, Restroom (paper goods, handsoap)

Building Repair, Electricity, Heating and Cooling, Irrigation/Sprinkler Repair, Painting, Water Break/Plumbing