UNM-V Learn Template

*please see the full Valencia Faculty Online Teaching webpage for much more information.

Basic UNM-Valencia Blackboard Template

  1. Download the zip file named: unmv-template-fa21.zip to your local machine
  2. Log into Learn and go into your course. You should land on the "Dashboard" of the UNM Learn course default shell.
  3. Expand Packages and Utilities (in the Course Menu, Course Management, left side of your screen, at the bottom.)
  4. Select Import Package
  5. Import Package (red button on top)
  6. Browse computer, select the zip file
  7. Select Course Materials > Select All
  8. Submit
  9. Wait a minute and refresh your browser page.
  10. Click on 'Course Home' (in the Course Menu, left side of your screen.)



  • Here is what the Course Menu will look like to the students if you import this template into your course: