Reviews Overview

Course Reviews:

  • The Faculty Online Teaching & Review Committee (FOTRC) will conduct two types of quality assurance course reviews of online courses:

    • Initial Review: An initial review may be conducted within the first year a course is run as a fully online course. This initial review will be conducted by two members of the FOTRC.

    • Full-Course Peer Design Review: Periodic review of online courses will take place via a Full-Course Peer Design Review after the course has been been taught at least four times and has undergone an Initial Course Review. At least two members of the FOTRC will serve as mentors during the Full-Course Peer DesignReview. 

  • The results of quality assurance course design peer reviews should serve as guidance to faculty for course improvement and should never be used as evaluation of faculty for merit or promotion.An instructor serving as the Course Representative, however, should receive recognition in their overall evaluation for participating as a Course Representative in a quality assurance review.