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Steps to Register using LoboWeb

1. Go to
2. Login using your Net ID and password. This is the same as your access to your UNM email account.
3. Click on "Student Life" tab
4. Click on "Enter LoboWeb"
5. Click on "Registration & Records"
6. View "Registration" Menu section
7. Click on "Registration (Add / Drop / with Override)"
8. Read the "Student Financial Responsibility" & Select "Accept"
9. Click "Submit"
10. Select a term: "Fall, Spring, Summer" from drop down menu and "Submit"
11. Scroll to "Add Classes Worksheet"
12. Enter CRN (Course Reference Number) for all classes:
     If a class has a co-requisite, the CRNs for both must be added at the same time.
Note: if you DO NOT know the CRN: Select "Class Search" at the bottom of the page to search for your course.
If you DO know the CRN: Enter and submit the CRNs at the bottom of the page in the text field provided.
An Alert Message will appear to notify you if you have successfully added a course or if there are any registration errors.
13. Click "Submit"

Registration Video Tutorials