Assembly News & Events

Fall 2023 News & Updates: 

Next meeting Friday, October 20, 2023.

Welcome to the Fall 2023 semester!


  • Upcoming Events:
  • The Faculty Assembly meeting dates this semester will be listed on the Assembly Meetings page. You can find the minutes on the Assembly Minutes page. Recordings have ceased.

  • Want some funds for Professional Development..? ALL faculty are eligible- full and part-time. Fill out the Professional Development Form and submit it to Faculty Profesisonal Development Chair Andisheh Dadashi.

  • Checkout the offerings this semester for the Campus Academy!

  • Do you need equipment to support teaching? All faculty, full and part time, have access to laptops and other accessories! Please contact the Valencia Library.

  • Do you have a student who needs help to succeed, or you are worried about their lack of attendance and participation? Or you want to give them a "kudos"? Fill out a CARE Report (previously an EARLY ALERT Form).