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Fall 2020 News & Updates: 

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Check out the new Faculty Online Teaching website at Valencia Campus.



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UNM Coronavirus Website:


  • We have had our third and final Faculty Assembly meeting of the Fall 2020 semester! The minutes & recording will be posted soon @:
    • Minutes will be live as soon as they are received. 
    • Recordings are now available of past meetings.

  • The OLC Accelerate Conference is happening! - November 9 - 18, 2020. First, create your OLC account and then register for the conference. Questions? Reach out to Alexa or Elaine.

  • Need Online Teacher Training? Register to take the Online Course Design & Delivery course which begins over Fall intersession. See the flier for more info.

  • Want some funds for Professional Development..? ALL faculty are eligible- full and part time. Fill out the Professional Development Form and submit it to Faculty Profesisonal Development Chair Scott Kamen.

  • Do you have a student who needs help to succeed, or you are worried about their lack of attendance and participation? Fill out an EARLY ALERT Form!

  • Do you need equipment to support your teaching from home this semester? All faculty, full and part timers, have access to laptops and other accessories to support this! Please contact the Valencia Library and/or The Teaching & Learning Center to find out what is available and how to access it.

  • All faculty are eligible for a $40 work-from-home stipend to support your internet/phone costs! Reach out to Dr. Laura Musselwhite, Dean of Instruction.

  • Need one-on-one help for your online classes? Join the TLC Director, Soledad Garcia-King, for Online Teaching Open Labs/Office Hours & Workshops throughout the semester. 

Want to get involved with the Faculty Assembly, checkout the pamphlet!