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Active Learning in Cyberspace

UNM-Valencia Campus and the Faculty Online Teaching & Review Committee continue our annual online teaching conference. We offer 30-minute presentations and 10-minute teaching tips associated with this theme and/or online learning. 

Keynote Presentation:

Effective Online Learning: Insights from Research, Practice, and Students

In the article, "The Difference Between Emergency Remote Teaching and Online Learning," Dr. Moore and her colleagues argued that "well-planned online learning experiences are meaningfully different from courses offered online in response to a crisis or disaster." Emergency moves to online were not designed to take full advantage of the affordances and possibilities of the online format. How could they be in such a short, rushed timeframe? As we transition from emergency mode to more intentional online and blended designs, drawing on the decades of research on online and distance learning can greatly inform our next steps. In this talk, Dr. Moore will discuss principles from research studies, theories, models, standards, and evaluation criteria that contribute to quality online learning, online teaching, and online course design, weaving in her own experiences and student voices on meaningful online learning experiences.


Keynote Speaker:

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore is Assistant Professor in the Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences program at the University of New Mexico Albuquerque Campus and is the Barbara Bush Foundation / Dollar General Foundation Fellow. Her work with these foundations focuses on the use of learning technologies for adult literacy and guidance for foundations wishing to invest in the development in learning technologies. Her research includes the use of performance improvement for assessing the needs of new teachers and developing targeted micro-instruction as well as the development of effective online and blended human resources workforce development for the federal government that can lead to eventual certification. She presently consults with clients on a range of projects including online learning, the use of technology for learning, and organizational performance improvement. Her areas of expertise include online and blended learning, educational / learning technologies, multimedia learning, performance improvement, ethics of technology and integration of societal impact into the design and planning process, as well as a deep background in accessibility and UDL.

Prior to joining the OILS program, she was Assistant Professor of Instructional Design & Technology in the Curry School of Education and Human Development at University of Virginia where she taught instructional design, performance improvement, online learning, and ethics for learning and workplace technology. In 2018, she received the Casteen Teaching Fellowship, named for the former president of the University of Virginia, and accompanying grant from the Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life to further develop her work on ethics of learning technologies. Across her career, she has helped to build and lead effective online learning programs that have won multiple awards and recognitions such as the AACTE Innovation of the Year Award and the Leadership in Education award presented by the Southern Piedmont Technology Council. The latest online program for which she led the development is now ranked #3 in its category.

She has served as President of the Division for Systemic Change in the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) and as President of the AECT Foundation. She has presented at the International Society for Performance Improvement. Recent awards include the AECT Presidential Award for Excellence and Award for Distinguished Service to the Change Division. She is presently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Computing in Higher Education and is also a speaker for the US Speakers Program at the US Department of State through which she consults with foreign embassies on effective online learning.


(in order of presentations):


  • Erin Duddy - Instructional Media Specialist, UNM-Taos
  • Paula King - Fine Arts, UNM-Taos
  • Dr. Cathy McAleer - Humanities, UNM-Taos
  • Erica Reed - Director of Learning & Development, CNM
  • Cindi Goodman - Assistant Professor of Mathematics, UNM-Valencia
  • Scott Kamen - Assistant Professor of History, UNM-Valencia
  • Austin C. Megli - Strategic Support Manager for UNM Online, UNM-Albuquerque
  • Juliette Cunico - English, UNM-Valencia
  • Melanie Sanchez-Dinwiddie - Associate Professor of Biology, UNM-Valencia
  • Julia So - Associate Professor of Sociology, UNM-Valencia
  • Sarah Heyward - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, UNM-Valencia
  • Jerry Godbout - Assistant Professor of Chemistry, UNM-Valencia
  • Ben Flicker - Assistant Professor of Biology, UNM-Valencia
  • Precious Andrew - Assistant Professor of Mathematics, UNM-Valencia
  • Soledad Garcia-King - Director of the Teaching and Learning Center & Lecturer III, UNM-Valencia
  • Justin Bendell - Associate Professor of English, UNM-Valencia
  • Arunachalam Muthaiyan - Associate Professor of Biology, UNM-Gallup
  • Kat Gullahorn, MLS - Librarian & Lecturer III, UNM-Valencia
  • André Callot - Film, UNM-Valencia



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Faculty and staff from multiple UNM campuses and other 2-year and 4-year campuses across New Mexico will present at this conference! 

All sessions will be recorded and posted after the conference! If presenters are able and willing, slideshows and/or resources used in the presentation will also be posted. Check this website the week of February 28, 2022 for these resources!

For any questions, comments, feedback - please reach out to the UNM-Valencia Distance Learning Coordinator, Alexa Wheeler