Exploring the Intersections of
Academic Integrity & Artificial Intelligence

The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus and its Faculty Online Teaching & Review Committee
 is hosting the annual statewide online teaching conference on Friday, April 26, from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

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Registration is open until April 24, 2024.  This is a free professional development opportunity for New Mexico's Educators. Session recordings will be made available to participants.

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Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Leo Lo. Dean/Professor, College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences, University of New Mexico

Leo LoDr. Leo S. Lo (he, him, his) joined the University of New Mexico as Dean and Professor of the College of University Libraries and Learning Services (CULLS) in September 2021. He oversees over 120 full time faculty and staff and provides leadership for all University Libraries operations, Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences (OILS) program, and the UNM Press. A key area of focus for Dr. Lo is integrating Artificial Intelligence into library services and academic support, aligning with the evolving landscape of library sciences and education technology. He actively engages in research and discussions around AI, aiming to enhance AI literacy and its ethical application in academia.
Keynote Presentation:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the educational landscape, introducing innovative tools and methodologies into our classrooms. As these technologies become more prevalent, the need for AI literacy among educators is crucial. The keynote presentation will guide attendees through the critical aspects of AI literacy for educators. This session will share an overview of AI technologies, their ethical implications, and their growing role in education. We will discuss why it's imperative for educators to understand and critically evaluate these tools, ensuring their integration into teaching practices enhances learning while maintaining academic integrity. Through practical insights and recommendations, this presentation aims to empower educators with the knowledge and mindset needed to embrace the AI-enhanced educational environment. 


Speaker Agenda:

We are poised to explore the intersections of academic integrity & artificial intelligence through a variety of perspectives and pedagogies. 


For any questions, comments, feedback - please reach out to the UNM-Valencia Distance Learning Coordinator, Kat Gullahorn. Call or text (505) 916-1647 or email otex@unm.edu


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