Full-Course Review

Full-Course Peer Design Review Workflow Process*:


  1. In consultation with the Dean and/or Division Chairs, the FOTRC Chair will determine up to five courses for which the committee will conduct a Full-Course Peer Design Review each Academic Year in the Fall and/or Spring semester.

  2. The Dean and/or Division Chair will indicate which faculty member is to serve as Course Representative. Each course will also be assigned an FOTRC Committee Team Leader along with two committee Review Members for the Review.

  3. The Course Representative and their Division Chair will be given notice by the Quality Assurance Coordinator via email before the end of the semester prior to the scheduled Review. The rubric outlined in the faculty handbook will be provided at this time. Faculty will also be encouraged to schedule and/or attend a Peer Review Design Workshop with the Director of Teaching and Learning to become familiar with the rubric and how the course will be reviewed.

  4. At the beginning of the semester in which the Review will take place, the Quality Assurance Coordinator will send out a second email to the Course Representative alerting them of who the committee Team Lead is and that the Team Lead will contact them to schedule a date for the Review.

  5. The Team Lead for each review will coordinate schedules for the team and set a date for the Review and post-Review meetings. The Team Lead is responsible for the logistics of how and when the Review will be conducted. Each FOTRC Team Member will compile a draft of the Rubric and draft of an Action Plan for members of their Review team to use in preparation for the pre-Review meeting.

  6. The Course Representative will add the FOTRC Team Lead and Review Members into their online course in the UNM-Valencia Learning Management System using the appropriate role according to FERPA regulations.

  7. The FOTRC Team Lead and Review Members will individually review the course using the rubric prior to the Review meeting date(s). All Team Members and Reviewers will communicate only with each other and the Course Representative about findings from the course under review and maintain strict confidentiality throughout the process. Reviewers will not change, copy, or modify any internal documents within the course, and will observe copyright laws and respect intellectual property rights of the creator of the materials.

  8. The Review Team will meet discuss their individual suggestions and ratings from the Review. The Team Lead will compile a final draft of the Rubric and Action Plan based on the Review and Team Member drafts. The Team Lead will share this Rubric and Action Plan with the Course Representative. The Plan should include the rubric standards and specific evidence from the course for suggestions of improvement. The Team Lead and Course Representative will determine a date by which revisions need to be completed, which is generally by the end of the following semester.

  9. The FOTRC Chair, Team Lead, Review Members and Course Representative will sign the completed Action Plan and send it along with the final Rubric draft to the Team Lead and Quality Assurance Coordinator for follow-up and archiving purposes.


See pdf of RUBRIC used in Full-Course Peer Design Review.