About the listservs:

There are currently three email distribution lists maintained:

  • VCFULL-L: goes to full-time faculty only
  • VCPART-L: goes to part-time faculty only
  • VFAC-L: goes to all faculty

Subscribe to the faculty listserv

For the 2023-24 academic year, you can email the manager of the listserv if you would like to be added: Ian Burch

Alternatively, subscribe to the faculty listserv by sending a message using your UNM e-mail account to:

Leave the Subject field blank. In the body of message (with no other text) type:

  • subscribe VFAC-L (or VCPART-L, or VCFULL-L, depending on which list you are subscribing to)
  • Firstname Lastname

Note: replace firstname lastname with your first and last name. Once the subscribe request is approved, you will receive a welcome message which will have details on how to post to the list.

One of the motivations for creating separate listservs for full-time and part-time faculty is to try to increase the motivation for part-timers to actually read their email. Many part-time faculty have mentioned that they ignore messages that come through the VFAC listserv because it is information that pertains only to full-time faculty. They are in the habit of simply deleting the messages and subsequently might miss messages that are pertinent to them.

That said for many, if not most communications, the VFAC-L email list will be the one you want to use. If, however, you want to target either the full-time or the part-time faculty specifically, you can use the other email lists.

Keep in mind that these are closed lists. This means that only members and allowed others can send messages. Also, only UNM email accounts are used in these lists. Here is a list of who is currently allowed to send to what list.

  • Part-time faculty can send messages to the VCPART-L and the VFAC-L lists.
  • Full-time faculty can send messages to the VCFULL-L and the VFAC-L lists.
  • Emeritus faculty can send messages to the VCFULL-L and the VFAC-L lists.

Dr. Musselwhite, Margaret Anaya, Debra Venable, Jon Lechel and Rick Goshorn can send to all lists.