How to Apply

Dual Credit Application Requirements:

  • Students must be in High School or Homeschool.
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA on transcript.
  • High School approval signature required.
  • Age requirement, minimum age 14, starting 9th grade in high school.

Steps to become a Dual Credit Student:

  1. Meet with your HS counselor or Dual Credit Coordinator.
  2. Apply by filling out a Dual Credit application either in person or online.
  3. Select your classes from Class Schedule and submit the required Dual Credit Request form. - List CRN number, Course Title, etc. *
  4. Request that High School Transcripts be sent along with forms.
  5. Save completed forms separately with your name & high school.    
  6. Completed forms are sent to your HS Counselor/DC Coordinator for signature approval.
  7. Approved forms are then sent by high school Counselor/DC Coordinator to
  8. Fill out Proxy Release Form and send to
  9. Check your email for confirmation of admission.
  10. Set up your MyUNM NetID online.
  11. Get your Textbooks – Contact your High School Dual Credit Coordinator to request textbooks. Required textbooks are provided by the high school. Optional textbooks, course/lab fees or materials are the responsibility of the student.
  12. Prepare for class start date and read your syllabus.

* Some courses require Accuplacer placement testing

Dual Credit Application   Dual Credit Request Form   Proxy Release Form 


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