New Students

Do I need placement testing? Assessment Center

Create a UNM Email account.   Sign up for a UNM Email  (NetID) account online

How do I register? Register step by step

How do I access my schedule?  Sign-in to myUNM with your unm email account and click the LoboWeb button

Where do I get a Student Lobo ID?  Student id cards are issued free of charge at the Valencia Campus Library.

How do I get a parking permit?  Complete a parking permit form online, stickers are free.

When is New Student Orientation?  Sign-up for Valuable information and resources for Student Success! 

How do I contact an advisor?  Advisors are available for questions, comments, and concerns

What scholarships are available?  Financial aid scholarships

How can I get Financial Aid?   Financial Aid advisors are available to assist you

Where do I buy textbooks?  Bookstore in-person or online

Which building is my class?  Campus building map

How do I sign-in to campus computers?  Contact Technology Services 24-48 hrs after creating your UNM email

How do I connect to wireless?  See Educational Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Are student jobs available?  See list of Students Jobs 

Who qualifies for the Student Support Services TRIO program?  1st generation, low-income and/or disabled students with educational opportunities

More Student Information Links