Assessment Information

Institutional Effectiveness

Each program and administrative unit at UNM-Valencia is committed to culture of student success, which includes continuous and documented engagement in assessment activities. This cyclic process tracks success and opportunities for improvement in our courses, programs, and administrative units.

At UNM-Valencia, our goal is to engage in a cyclic process of continuous improvement through which:

  • We determine what outcomes we want;
  • We perform;
  • We evaluate our performance;
  • We identify strengths and weaknesses in our performance;
  • We celebrate our successes;
  • We examine our weaknesses for opportunities to improve;
  • We implement those improvements; and
  • Then we begin again.

To accurately optimize our performance, we collect and analyze data annually to inform as well as drive our decisions, improvements, and program reviews. This process aids UNM and UNM-Valencia in ensuring that the mission and purpose of the University are being achieved.