Strategic Plan


In the Fall of 2022, UNM-Valencia undertook a major strategic planning effort that involved all constituent groups from around campus and the community. The result was our newly-released strategic plan: “Vision Defined, 2025.” Over the span of six months, eight workgroups thoughtfully looked to the past and the future to create goals and strategies that would move the campus to a new level of success for students, staff, faculty, and community partners. Those goals and strategies align with the following planning priorities:


College Culture and Employee Success

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Accessibility

Operations and Financial Sustainability

Student and Academic Success


We look forward to the work ahead as we seek to build upon these priorities and use them as a foundation for future growth and service to our region.


To improve the quality of life in the Middle Rio Grande Valley through excellence in education, student, staff, and faculty success, and community partnerships.

To provide educational opportunities and community engagement that will foster academic achievement and increase the prosperity of the diverse population throughout our rural region.

Excellence - We value excellence in all of our work, and strive to perform and achieve at the highest levels.
Inclusion - We respect and celebrate the differences of all persons and value a collaborative working and learning environment where diversity and belonging are cherished.
Integrity - We act with equity, honesty, and transparency in accordance with the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards.
Place - We honor the peoples and places of our community and respect our local culture and history.
Success - We value student success, and foster a welcoming, creative, and academically-engaging campus environment.


Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic Plan for 2023 - 2025
Strategic Plan for 2021 - 2022
Strategic Plan for 2017 - 2021
Strategic Plan for 2012 - 2017