Academic Success Team

The University of New Mexico Valencia Academic Success Coaches welcome all questions, comments and concerns.  We are committed to providing the best academic service possible.

All students are urged to review course selections with an academic success coach prior to registration. Students with 26 or less completed credit hours will need to vist their success coach each semester to reivew their academic progress.

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic coach based on their career pathway to ensure the are successfully progressing towards completion.

Academic Success Coach Availability

Monday - Friday
8 am to 5 pm 

To schedule an appointment click on your Academic Success Coaches name below or call 505.925.8560

*If you are a new student please be sure to complete admissions & placement assessments before scheduling an appointment.

For questions or concerns feel free to contact us at anytime.

Academic Success Coaches 

 Maisie R. Baca

Supv, Student Success

Health & STEM Pathways

 Kristen Eads

Sr. Student Success Specialist

Humanities & STEM Pathways

Kaydra Townsend

Sr. Student Success Specialist

Social Science & Career Technical Pathways