Grant Overview

Our Objectives

The PASOS Grant is a comprehensive, transformational project designed to improve the educational access, success and persistence of Hispanic and/or Low-income students in the UNM-V service region. All grant activities will improve UNM-V’s institutional stability to best serve current, returning, and future students while also addressing the stated purpose of DHSI Title V Grant Program:

To expand educational opportunities for and improve the academic attainment of Hispanic students; and to expand and enhance the academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability of the colleges and universities that educate the majority of Hispanic students. 

The PASOS Grant objectives for 2020-2025 include:

  • Increase the persistence, graduation, and transfer rate of Hispanic and/or Low-Income students
  • Increase student participation in peer educator program, first-year experience and sophomore success/transfer promotion activities
  • Decrease the time-to-degree and excess credit hour accumulation for first-time associate degree-seeking students
  • Increase the re-enrollment, persistence, and graduation of former UNM-Valencia students who have stopped out and/or had a break in their college education
  • Provide ongoing training for faculty, staff, and peer mentors in the needs of Hispanic and/or Low-Income students and the Guided Pathways model
  • Ensure all UNM-Valencia students will be in a guided pathway by 2025

Our Services

In order to meet grant objectives, the PASOS grant provides both direct services to students in addition to specialized support to faculty and staff. Students can utilize the PASOS grant directly via the following services:

  • PASOS Resource Center
    • This newly created center will is centrally located in the Learning Resource Center building on campus and provides services to meet students’ non-academic needs, such as food insecurity, mental health, stress and time management, job searching and interview prep, crisis situations, and other issues that may impact academic performance. 
  • ILEAD Program
    • The Integrating Lived Experiences with Academic Dreams (ILEAD) program works to support students who have previously attended UNM-Valencia and stopped out before earning a Certificate, Associate’s, and/or Bachelor’s Degree. Our Student Success Specialist, Sr. and Peer Educators will help recruit former students and help them re-enroll in order to support their academic and career goals. The UNM-Valencia Career Services Manager also evaluates returning students and provide career assessments, develop career mapping resources to implement career planning into the PASOS Project. 
  • Re-Entry Bridge Seminar
    • The Re-Entry Bridge seminar is a specialized support event held prior to the start of the semester to help ease the transition back to college for ILEAD students. The program helps refresh students on "college knowledge" and provides information on changes that have taken place at UNM-Valencia since they previously attended. The Re-Entry Bridge seminar also provides an opportunity to build peer-to-peer support networks and community with other ILEAD students. 
  • Peer Mentor Program
    • The Peer Mentor Program (PMP), previously Peer Educator Program, is a student-led program that supports the transition of first-time students into their academic journey at UNM-Valencia. Peer Mentors are trained peers who can provide specialized support to new students, including developing study skills, navigating academic policies, college knowledge, finding and applying to scholarships, accessing campus resources, and finding community on campus. The Peer Mentor Program supports students through their first year on campus, to ensure they are making the most of their time at UNM-Valencia.
  • Guided Pathways Implementation
    • Faculty and staff will be working closely with the PASOS team to implement the Guided Pathways model at UNM-Valencia, including clarifying current pathways to Associate degrees, revamping developmental education courses, redesigning student support, and supporting career development opportunities for students. Cross-campus workgroups and professional development opportunities will be made available to faculty and staff throughout the duration of the grant.