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Surviving to Thriving: Rocking the New Normal

As part of National Distance Learning Week, Valencia Campus and the Faculty Online Teaching & Review Committee continued our annual online teaching conference. We offered 30-minute presentations and 10-minute teaching tips associated with the theme of “Surviving to Thriving: Rocking the New Normal”.

Keynote Presentation:

From the “Comfort” of Home: Creativity, Compassion, Flexibility, and Educational Innovation in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has accelerated many technological and societal trends that were already in process, increasing our reliance on technology and presenting new challenges for parents, students, and educators. In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, digital access and proficiency are the cornerstones of an informed and productive citizenry, and equity of access must be foundational to how we frame student services and plan for equality. This presentation will discuss the confluence of forces shaping education today, and the ways in which educational innovations developed during the pandemic may bridge us into a new normal. 

Keynote Speaker:

Elisha Allen, Director of Academic Technologies for Information Technologies at UNM ABQ.

elisha allen portraitElisha Allen holds an M.B.A. and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design with a minor in Spanish from UNM, and is also an alumnus of the Online Learning Consortium/Penn State Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning. Elisha has been working on the design and development of online course delivery, educational multimedia, knowledge management systems, and web-based applications since 1995.

Elisha has a long history of technical management at UNM and a deep functional understanding of the teaching and learning mission from admission to graduation. He provides leadership for the Learning Management System and academic applications, video production and conferencing, classroom technologies, campus computing labs, technologies for surveys and elections, faculty evaluations, test scoring, and digital signage. Elisha is also a previous Staff Council President.


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Faculty and staff from multiple UNM campuses presented at this conference!

For any questions, comments, feedback - please reach out to the UNM-Valencia Distance Learning Coordinator, Alexa Wheeler