MediaArts Club

Latest News:

    • Next Meeting Info
      • The MediaArts Club will regroup and start meeting back up Fall 2022.
    • Info about the meetings:
      • If you cannot make the meetings, please email any officer (see contact page) to say you want to be a member of this club, and we will add you to the email listserve. Otherwise, this is open to all students, faculty, staff and community members with an interest (no experience necessary!) in Film & Digital Media Arts, as well as Fine Arts, Information Technology, Game Design and anything techno-geeky that you love! Get involved and become part of this great art-focused community!
      • Updated Meeting Minutes for the MediaArts Club are now live on the "Minutes" page
    • Upcoming Events
      • Check out the Events page for the MediaArts Club for more info
    • What is the MediaArts Club:
      • If you are interested in knowing what the MediaArts Club does, take a look at our Constitution & By-Laws page. We are a fun, motivated, talented group of students and community members interested in many aspects of the Media Art world! We organize events on campus throughout the year, including art contests & competitions, video game competitions, movie nights, community outreach projects, give peer-to-peer workshops on various digital and/or traditional art techniques, do small budget film productions, produce the annual "Leading Edge Student Film Festival" each Spring, organize Field Trips, and much more! We want your contributions on how else we can make this campus thrive, evolve, and stay contemporary.

MAC Officers info:

    • President - TBD Fall 2022
    • Vice President - TBD Fall 2022
    • Secretary & Treasurer - TBD Fall 2022
    • Alexa Wheeler - Faculty Advisor -