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Events, internships, apprenticeships, and jobs are listed here. 

La Vida Felicidad 

La Vida Felicidad in Los Lunas has several open positions for those interested in areas such as Early Childhood and Developmental Living Assistance.  For information about open positions visit their website.

Topcoder Challenge

Topcoder is excited to invite students to participate in our Innovation Series - Challenge 1: “IntelliCase Bot (GPT)”, a unique opportunity to develop a state-of-the-art conversational chatbot using open-source language models. This project aims to revolutionize the way users interact with Topcoder’s extensive case study repository, enhancing both our sales approach and customer experience.
Challenge Overview:
  • Objective: Create an LLM-powered chatbot that effectively searches and presents Topcoder case studies, understanding and responding to user queries with high relevance and contextual insight.
  • Technology: Focus on open-source language models that can be locally served, with options to use additional third-party libraries if beneficial.
  • User Interface: A web chatbot-like interface is recommended, alongside a web portal for configuration and analysis.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Solutions will be judged on accuracy, response relevance, user satisfaction, and technical efficiency, including ease of integration and adaptability.
This challenge offers a platform for students to apply their skills in a real-world scenario, with the chance to win cash prizes nearing $10,000. It's an excellent opportunity for practical experience and showcasing your talents in a global arena.
For more details and to participate, please visit: Intellicase Bot (GPT) | Topcoder Lighthouse Innovation Challenge #1

You can also access reliable job listings at:


A free resource for everyone in the UNM community.  Employers can upload positions here and students can upload a resume and search jobs and internships.

Department of Workforce Solutions

New Mexico's Department of Workforce Solutions lists all jobs posted through their agency on this website.  Registration may be required to apply for some jobs.

NM State Personnel

New Mexico state jobs are posted here.

USA Jobs

Federal government jobs and internships are posted here.

NM Internship Portal

A central location for all New Mexico employers to post internship opportunities and find students to fill them.  High school and college students can look here for internships.