Enrollment FAQs

  1. Complete an application form and visit the campus.
  2. Pay a one-time $15 application fee at the cashier’s office.
  3. Turn in the application to the registrar’s office.
  4. Visit the Advisement Center.
    • The Advisement Center will help you with the placement assessment testing. The placement test is important because that is how advisors can assist you on what classes you need to take.
    • You will also schedule a new student orientation and group advisement session while at the Advisement Center.

Tuition is very affordable at UNM-Valencia. It’s a third of the cost of four-year institutions in New Mexico. Check the Tuition link for the current or subsequent semester’s tuition.

Parking is FREE and we have two large parking lots. Parking is seldom a problem.

All academic credits earned at UNM-Valencia can be transferred to other colleges and universities in New Mexico and the rest of the United States. We offer core academic curriculum.

If you're a freshman or transfer students with fewer than 26 earned hours, the Registrar’s office will place a hold on your account until you exceed the 26-hour-mark so that an Academic Advisor will be able to speak to you before you register for the next semester's courses. We want to make sure that you're not going to take courses that may endanger your academic standing and we also want to make sure that you are meeting core requirements, major requirements, and scholarship requirements.

To have an academic hold taken off your account, simply visit our Advisement office in Student Services. We have a walk-in advisor available on most days or you can make an appointment to speak with an advisor by coming in or calling 925-8560.

We do not advise students over the phone or over email and we will not remove your holds this way.

Depending on the date, dropping a class is simple... If you have an academic advisement hold or other hold on your account you will not be able to drop a course without seeing an academic advisor first. Please consider how dropping a class will affect your financial aid and scholarships. Below are some other considerations you will also want to take into account.

ALWAYS consider the potential impact on your academic progress.

By withdrawing from or dropping a class, your ultimate progress towards graduation may be delayed. On the other hand, not dropping a course that will negatively affect your GPA may slow your academic progress if it causes you to be suspended. Please visit with one of our advisors to help you make this decision!

ALWAYS consider the potential impact on your scholarships and/or financial aid.

All scholarships and financial aid require you to maintain a specific number of credit hours per semester AND a specific GPA. Don't forget to take both into account when considering dropping a class.

  1. Dropping a Class Without a Grade.
    You can only drop a class without a grade before the end of the fourth week of the current 16-week semester (see the Schedule of Classes for twelve-week or other classes). Classes dropped before this time, are not recorded on your official transcript.
  2. Dropping a Class Without the Dean's Approval (A grade of WP or WF will be recorded on your transcript).
    After the end of the fourth week, but before the end of the 12th week of the current semester (or 9th week for twelve- week classes), you may drop a class without the approval of the Dean of your College.