Strategic Plan Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is under the general jurisdiction of the Chief Executive Officer and is charged with the development and updating of a strategic plan for UNM-Valencia, taking into consideration changing socio-demographic factors and learning needs of our service area. The membership of the Strategic Planning Committee shall consist of:

  • One or more representatives from the local Advisory Board;
  • Presidents of the Staff, Faculty and Student Associations;
  • Chief officers (Chief Executive Officer, Dean of Instruction, Director of Student Services, and Director of Business and Finance);
  • Other campus representatives who are appointed to participate in this process.

Members of the Strategic Planning Committee FY 2018 - 2019 include:

  • Letteney, Alice, Chief Executive Officer
  • Luna, Paul, Advisor Board
  • Musselwhite, Laura, Dean of Instruction
  • Vigil, Hank, Dir., Dir., Student Services
  • Goshorn, Richard, Dir., Business and Finance
  • Hobbs, Kevin, Pres., Faculty Assembly
  • McCarthy, Mary, Pres., Staff Association
  • Dille, Hannah, Pres., Student Government Association
  • Lovato, Barbara, Faculty
  • Hite, Tina, Faculty
  • Aguirre, Carolina, STEM Grant

Staff resources for the Strategic Planning Committee include:

  • Lechel, Jon, Public Info, ex officio
  • Gallegos, Marcus, Development Office, ex officio
  • Chisholm, Mark, Instructional, Research, ex officio
  • Garcia-King, Soledad, Teaching & Learning Center Manager, ex officio
  • Abrams, John Information Services Manager, ex officio
  • Shue, Cindy, Program Specialist, ex officio
  • Sanchez, Denise – Note taker