Program Description

The program provides educational experiences that broaden academic knowledge in a variety of disciplines. It provides students with a basis for future study, develops critical thinking and expands a respect for diversity and culture. While this program is open to all qualified students, it has been designed principally for non-traditional students already in the workplace but need a degree to advance, and for traditional students with clear academic or career goals interested in novel ways of organizing an undergraduate experience.

Career and Educational Advancement Opportunities

A graduate will be prepared to follow one of two career paths, depending upon the focus chosen. Students can enter jobs that require one or two years of college, but do not require a declared major field of study. Required academic courses, other than technical courses completed, will transfer to UNM-Main and may transfer to other 4-year institutions. The degree specifically engages students who would benefit from closer collaboration with a faculty mentor(s) through experiential research and/or participation with faculty-led problem solving teams. Students are encouraged to design an individualized program that will prepare them for unique or advanced learning experiences, including international, cooperative or professional schools.

Contact and Advising Information

Information about the associate of integrative studies degree program is available from the Advisement Center at 505.925.8560 or, or the Academic Affairs Office, at 505.925.8600.