Constitution & By-Laws

Constitution of the MediaArts Club

I. Organization Name

    1. The name of the organization shall be “UNM - Valencia MediaArts Club”

II. Purpose

    1. The purpose is to promote media arts programs and projects around the university and within the community, and to provide students with further opportunities to enhance their education through media arts activities and events. This organization will support the annual student film festival at UNM-Valencia, provide fundraising, and generally organize and provide input (judge, sponsorship, awards, concepts, themes, etc...) for this annual event. This society will attempt to connect MAC members with community organizations to promote internships, mentorships, and practicums. Other campus events will be arranged throughout the year to promote the club, club members, media and other arts, and generally provide a sense of belonging and community to the student population.

III. Membership

    1. Any student, faculty, staff, or community member active in the various digital media arts, fine arts, game design, IT, or other career path and interested in furthering the purpose of the organization is eligible for membership. 
    2. Any person requesting membership shall abide by the MAC Constitution and by-laws. 
    3. All members must be respectful of another member’s wish to privacy. 
    4. A member is anyone who participates in any MAC activity or meeting
      within one academic school year.

IV. Removal of Members

    1. If a member violates the purpose, constitution, or by-laws of the MAC, and their member status needs to be reassessed:
      1. The member in question must be given a chance to meet with the officers.
      2. A majority vote by the officers will determine whether the offender will remain an active member.

V. Officers 

    1. According to UNM policy undergraduate students serving as officers must be registered for a minimum of six (6) credit hours per semester. Graduate and professional students serving as officers must be registered for a minimum of three (3) credit hours per semester.
    2. Officers must be registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours at UNM-Valencia. 
    3. All officers shall be voted in by a majority of the members present at the election during business meetings held every semester.
    4. The President shall appoint all other officers in the event that all offices are not filled.
    5. Additional offices not listed in the by-laws may be created or removed as deemed necessary by the President with the best interest of the group at heart.

VI. Meetings 

    1. Business meetings with all members shall be held at the discretion of the organization with at least one (1) meeting per semester (excluding summer unless deemed necessary by the officers).
    2. Officer meetings shall be held every month or more at the discretion of the President.
    3. General meetings with all members shall be held every month or at the discretion of the members and officers.

VII. Voting Procedures 

    1. All members have one (1) vote. Voting procedure shall be according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
    2. All members wishing to vote on any issue brought to general discussion must be present to have their vote counted. 

VIII. Quorum 

    1. Quorum shall be all those present in addition to a majority of the officers.
    2. Quorum shall not be a set percent members.

IX. Amendments and By-Laws 

    1. Amendments to the constitution and by-laws shall be put to vote by members with no less than one (1) week’s notice. The passing of such legislation shall require a majority vote.
    2. Discussion about such legislation shall be permitted, and all changes explained for members wishing to inquire. Discussion shall be limited to a total of one (1) hour and must be completed in one (1) meeting.
    3. All members who wish to discuss changes must have read the constitutional changes implemented to ensure productive discussion.


By-Laws of the MediaArts Club

I. Officers 

    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer

II. Officer Duties 

    1. The President:
      1. Shall preside over meetings.
      2. Shall be responsible for representing the group in a positive light to all outside groups.
      3. Shall be responsible for communicating with other groups,  organizations, businesses, schools, and other UNM Valencia clubs.
      4. Shall be responsible for ensuring a safe, positive environment. 
      5. Shall be responsible for chartering at the beginning of the year.
      6. Shall work with the Vice President to organize and delegate appropriate resources for events and activities. 
      7. Shall assume all other officer responsibilities in the event that there are no other officers, until they can appoint suitable members who meet the Constitution Section IV, Point A, requirements to officer positions.
    2. The Vice President
      1. Shall work with the President to organize and delegate appropriate resources for events and activities.
      2. Shall work with other officers and members to ensure MAC growth.
      3. Shall be responsible for addressing any issues in violation to the by-laws and/or constitution before bringing the problem before the chair
      4. Shall sit in for the President if the President cannot perform stated duties on a given date or for a given time.
    3. The Treasurer:
      1. Shall be responsible for the budget.
      2. Shall attend workshops and/or meetings relating to financial information in regard to student organizations.
      3. Shall pursue possible sources of revenue that fall within the guidelines of the Student Organization handbook for UNM-Valencia Campus.
      4. Shall fill out all relevant funding forms and work with the business office to ensure quality and professional business practices.
    4. The Secretary:
      1. Shall be responsible for taking and posting all meeting notes.
      2. Shall keep a record of events and make the record publicly available.
      3. Shall book all necessary space for MAC events on and off campus including meeting rooms.
      4. Shall be responsible for promotion of events in a timely and effective manner.
      5. Shall be responsible for maintaining social media and email address in adherence to the UNM—Valencia social policies and procedures as they are developed.

III. Committees 

    1. Formation of committees shall be approved at general meetings with a specific purpose and leadership.
    2. Ad hoc committees may be created by officers, and revisited at general meetings.

IV. Officer Removal

    1. Officers may be removed from office by a majority vote of present members and officers at a Business Meeting:
      1. If their actions have been found in violation of any part of the MAC by-laws or constitution.
      2. If they have been negligent in their duties.
      3. If they have been absent from two (2) or more meetings.

V. Advisors

    1. Advisors:
      1. Will be approached and requested as advisors prior to the first day of the Fall term.
      2. Will attend all business meetings to keep abreast of information.
      3. Will be invited to and made aware of all official events and actions taken by the MAC as soon as possible.
      4. Will be consulted when members and officers are unsure of acceptable practices as a Student Organization on UNM-Valencia Campus and will also be consulted for information and brainstorming for MAC related activities.

VI. Other 

    1. Member recruitment and retention should be top priority for all officers.
    2. All officers should communicate with each other to ensure an effective, cohesive organization.


 PDF of Constitution & By-Laws [updated 2019]