OTEX 2023 Archive

Presentation Content:

  • Keynote Speaker, Stephanie Spong, "Scaffolding Trust: Student Voices and Online Teaching Choices"
  • Melissa Herrera, “Five Tips to Make Your Canvas Course Accessible”
  • Justin Bendell, “Culturally Responsive Teaching in online classes”
  • Tina Zuniga, Rick Robb, Olivia Torres Jojola, “Meet the UNM Online Student Success Team”
  • Cheryl Bryan, “Round-table Discussion: Online Teaching Tools that Highlight Equity and Inclusion.”
  • Jerry Godbout, “Canvas - Tricks and Tips for Numbers Large and Small”
  • Kat Gullahorn, “Open Educational Resources”
  • Steven Romero & Justin Bendell, “So what’s the deal with chat GPT and college writing? Building resiliency into online writing classes.”