Graduation, Transition & Transfer

Graduation Procedures

Begin this process at least one semester before you wish to graduate, or at the time you reach 60-70 credit hours.

  1. Submit an Application for Graduation Form.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with your Academic Success Coach to review your current degree plan and review your eligibility.
  3. Pass the balance of your classes and verify that you have no "Incompletes" or outstanding Non-Reported (NR) Grades.
  4. Get your cap and gown at the booktore.

Transitioning or Transfering to continue your undergratuate degree

Transitioning to UNM-Albuquerque

  1. Complete a Branch Transition Form
  2. Once admitted to UNM-Albuquerque, contact the New student Orientation program to complete your online orientation. Next available date is April 19, 2024 for summer and fall 2024. There will be an option to complete orientation online or in-person. If you prefer the online orientation with a personal tour hosted by UNM-Valencia staff fill out the Sophomore Success Registration form. Transportation & food provided.
  3. Follow up with the UNM-Albuquerque Financial Aid Office to ensure your financial aid package has transitioned over.

Transitioning to UNM Online

UNM Online offer students throughout New Mexico and beyond the opportunity to achieve a degree from UNM without the need to leave their own community. Degree completion programs are available in many academic fields.

  • Complete a Branch Transition Form. Be sure to indicate in "Intended Field of Study" section your major and "UNM Online.


Transferring to another institution

New Mexico Tech

New Mexico State University

Western New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University

Highlands University

Lewis College 

Students transferring to Lewis College to complete the 3-1 Accelerated Criminial Justice program should schedule an appointment with their Academic Success Coach to reivew their course work.