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Finding Aids/Tools

Definitions and Use



  • are single or multi-volume substantial written texts by one or more authors or editors.
  • usually have one publication date.
  • may be print or electronic.
  • may be an overview or very specific and in-depth and will vary based on audience.
  • will not be as current as articles in current journals.
  • include specialize formats such as handbooks, encyclopedias, or dictionaries
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
  • Perry's chemical engineers' handbook
  • Fundamentals of wireless communication engineering technologies

Popular Journals

Popular Journals
  • are also called magazines.
  • occur regularly (weekly, monthly).
  • have anyone as an audience.
  • may be print or electronic.
  • have content current and "newsworthy.
  • contain many illustrations and advertisements.
  • have articles that are short and simple in format with no bibliography.
  • Time
  • People Magazine
  • Nation
  • National Geographic
  • Science News

Trade Journals

Trade Journals
  • are also called "professional," "industry-specific," or "special interest" periodicals.
  • published for working professionals in a particular industry.
  • Purpose is to disseminate info in an industry or business.
  • have advertisements specific to industry.
  • have articles that fall between popular and scholarly and may or may not contain a bibliography.
  • have articles are short to medium in length, and use industry jargon.
  • may be published by an association or trade organization.
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic design
  • Aerospace America
  • Packaging
  • Nuclear news

Scholarly Journals

Scholarly Journals
  • contain results of original research by scholars and experts.
  • have articles that are in-depth, use jargon, and have bibliographies.
  • have articles that are peer reviewed.
  • published for other scholars and experts.
  • have limited advertisements and illustrations.
  • IEEE Transactions on Computer Engineering
  • Modern Applied Science
  • Australian Journal of Structural Engineering
  • International Journal of Energy Research


  • may also be called "databases."
  • are collections of citations, and abstracts of popular, trade, and scholarly articles.
  • may include additional subjects applied by database/index producer.
  • may include fulltext of article
  • Allow one to search multiple journals for articles on same topic at the same time.


Best source

  • are copy of paper or article prior to formal publication.
  • are usually the most current info available.

Conference Papers

Best source

  • The Author
  • Catalog if book
  • Index if article
Conference Papers
  • Summary or text of presentation at meeting
  • May or may not be formally published.
  • if published may be a traditional book or journal article.

Standards and Specifications

Typical Finding Aids

Standards and specifications
  • describe an established norm for manufacturing or performance.
  • codify specific guidelines for design or management of a process.
  • lists specific formulas, definitions, or regulations.

Technical Reports

Technical reports
  • are detailed lengthy reporting of research or study.
  • are usually produced by companies, organizations or government agencies.
  • may not be available from other sources.
  • may be classified or proprietary and not available to public.


  • are legal document granting person or company exclusive rights to an invention for limited time.
  • cover inventions that may be mechanical, chemical or biological.
  • are not a trademark or copyright.

Maps, Charts, Diagrams

Maps, charts, diagrams
  • are produced to show spatial relationships.
  • are visual summaries of extensive data.
  • may be proprietary to producer.

Other helpful sites

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