Course Offerings

Definitions of Course Offerings

Academic Course Offerings

Within the limits of its facilities and resources, UNM-Valencia Campus is able to offer any University of New Mexico course through the 2000-level. Enrolling for a UNM course at UNM-Valencia is equivalent to taking the course at UNM-Main Campus. Consequently, there is no need for petitioning to transfer academic courses to UNM-Main.

Career/Technical Course Offerings

UNM-Valencia offers a variety of courses developed by UNM-Valencia for various business, technology and health-related programs. These courses, which are not generally accepted at UNM‑Main or other four-year institutions as credits toward a bachelor’s degree program, have the following prefixes: AUTT, CNA, CADT, CNST, DMA, GAME, HCHS, HCHT, MFGT, OBT, PBT, and PCA.

Developmental Studies Course Offerings

UNM-Valencia also offers precollege studies courses aimed at preparing students for college-level studies. In English and mathematics these courses have numbers less than 101 (i.e., 099 and 100). We also offer academic studies courses in English (FYEX 1110) and mathematics (MATH 1996) aimed at improving reading and studies skills. These courses do not count toward a certificate or associate degree at UNM-Valencia, nor are they accepted at UNM‑Main or other four-year institutions as credits towards a bachelor’s degree program.

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