Frequently Asked Questions

All these questions and more are addressed during the Introduction to Fitness orientation, which all new students are required to attend.

Q: How do I get to use the Wellness Center?

A: It is a class for which you must be enrolled if you are a student at UNM-Valencia. This also goes for staff, faculty and community members. You may either take the PENP 193 Introduction to Fitness course for a grade, credit/no credit or audit.

Q: How much do PENP courses cost?

A: The cost is based on the one credit hour rate with a $10 lab fee.

Q: What is taking a class for an audit mean?

A: You can enroll in any PENP course for an audit, which means no credit and you are taking it for your own personal use. No course requirements other than signing a waiver.

Q: What does it mean the class time is “ARRANGED?”

A: You may attend class and work out as you can arrange it in your schedule during the Wellness Center open hours. *Must be enrolled in the Introduction to Fitness course or Move More, Be Fit second eight-week course.

Q: How do I get a grade or credit for working out?

A: Your workouts (visits) are tracked by the computer log in. You must follow the requirements of the course based on the syllabus you receive in your orientation.

Q: How often do I need to take an orientation for the PENP 193 Introduction to Fitness & Move More, Be Fit course?

A: The waiver you sign needs to be updated every three years, it is recommended that an orientation should be done at this time to catch up on the changes of the Wellness Center.

Q: If I am a staff/faculty member at Valencia Campus, how can I use the facility?

A: All Faculty and Staff that are Tuition Remission can sign up in the Wellness Center.  Please see Wellness Center management for details.

Q: Can I exercise outside or at another gym for credit?

A: No.

Q: May I bring a guest?

A: No.

Q: Are there showers and lockers provided?

A: Yes. Showers are available in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Lockers are available for Day use only and cost one quarter to use and you receive your quarter back.

Q: What if I have never used a gym before or need assistance?

A: The Wellness Center offers free personal training to assist you with a basic exercise program. The staff also provides free fitness assessments to keep track of your progress. If you are not wanting a program, our staff can also show you how to use the equipment and types of exercises.

Q: Can I use the wellness programs on another campus (Main Campus)?

A: Not for credit in any of the classes that require computer log in for tracking your grade. These points are tracked and earned only at the UNM-Valencia.

Q: Do I have to attend orientation?

A: Everyone is required to attend an orientation prior to using the facility at least one time during every academic year (Aug - July), regardless if you have attended orientation in prior years. 

Q: Can I Use the gym facility if I have another PENP class (yoga, Zumba etc.)?

A:  No, you must enroll in Introduction to Fitness to use the gym.