Advisement Services

Academic and Program Advisement are available by appointment. Call 925.8560 for an appointment. Students with 26 or less completed credit hours (excluding developmental courses) must see an advisor before registering for classes. However, all students are urged to review course selections with an advisor prior to registration.

Students who have decided upon a UNM-Valencia Campus or UNM degree major are encouraged to meet with UNM–Valencia Campus advisors (faculty or student services staff) to develop a program of study plan and to make sure that steady progress is being made towards completion of the degree.

Students who have not yet decided on a specific degree program should meet with an academic advisor to review education goals prior to registration. However, program and course selections are ultimately the student’s responsibility.

Academic advisors can help in many different areas, not only scheduling classes. If you have questions about grades, academic concerns, main campus or other schools, or just about anything else, an advisor can help get the information you need.

To make an appointment Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m, call 925.8560 or email

Equal Access Services program provides students with disabilities and their instructors support services to create a successful learning experience. Special learning materials, adaptive equipment, interpreters, notetakers, readers, and alternative exam settings are available to students with documented disabilities.