Title V Next Generation

In 2015 UNM-Valencia was awarded a U.S. Department of Education Title V HSI grant. 

The overall objective of the Next Generation Project is to increase the number and percentage of high-need students who complete a certificate or associate’s degree on time.

The first step is the successful completion of English and mathematics courses, with new game learning and engagement strategies incorporated into learning basic gateway course concepts.  Once a student successfully exits these gateway courses, it is critical that they complete a degree or certificate that will help them enter the workforce. 

Students interested in information technology will be guided to an expanded and updated Integrated Information Technology (IIT) program while completing their writing and math courses.  Expanded online/hybrid degree programs and courses will increase flexibility for working students. 

Based on our comprehensive analysis, improvements are needed to increase student course success and degree completion rates and restructure a high-need degree program to be fiscally self-sustaining.


Next Generation Project Goals

  • Goal 1: Increase student success by improving time to completion, persistence, and graduation rates for Hispanic and low-income students.
  • Goal 2: Expand quality distance educational programs for students in the rural UNM-V service area.
  • Goal 3: Create a new self-sustaining IIT program based on current industry demands.


Contact Information:

Program Director 
Principal Investigator
Program Coordinator - 505.925.8500



 “This website was developed under the Title V, U.S. Dept. of Ed. Grant.  The contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Dept. of Ed. and may not be endorsed by the Federal Government.”