The Learning Center


Summer 2020 Online Tutoring Hours

The Learning Center and STEM-H Center

Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm

       Friday 10am-4pm

The Writing Center

       Monday and Wednesday 10am-1pm

       Creative Writing Workshop Wednesdays 11 to 12--email for Zoom link.

Using Zoom

As a UNM-Valencia student, you already have a Zoom account. Please go to and log in using your UNM email credentials.

Scheduling Appointment

To schedule an appointment, email

When you are scheduling an appointment for the Writing Center, please let us know if you want a live Zoom session or if you want to submit your paper for a response.  If the latter, please include the following when you write to (items with asterisks are required):


*UNM Email:

*Student ID:


*Attach or copy and paste the assignment/prompt from the teacher

*When is the assignment due?

*What are your concerns about the paper? (up to 3)

*Attach the draft itself in Word or Word Online format (or another format easily accessed)

What writing skill would you like to improve through this interaction?

Suggested Study and Learning Strategies

  • attempt the assignment prior to meeting with your tutor
  • study your notes and textbook prior to the tutoring session
  • identify specific questions or concepts that you want to address during the session

For Questions, Contact:

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you soon!