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Connect to valencia campus wireless

Reset your password

Connect to wireless on campus

We now have two levels of access to our Local Area Network (LAN) through wireless connection, Valencia-Guest Access and Valencia-Secure Access.

Valencia-Guest is accessible with your unm email address username.  It is unsecure and there is no encryption with access to internet resources.

Valencia-Secure Access is secure and encrypted with full access to internet and authenticated LAN resources. It is accessible with your Valencia Campus username and password and with a few required settings configured on your mobile device.

  Valencia- Secure Wireless configuration instructions:

    Note: you must sign-in to a Valencia Campus computer with your valencia campus username and password prior to connecting to Valencia-Secure for successful sign-in.

On computer screen:

>Right-click on the wireless/network icon in the notification bar
   Select Open Network and Sharing
Click on Set up a new connection or network
Select Manually connect to wireless network connection
  Enter Network Name:    Valencia-Secure  (case-sensitive)
  Select Security type:  WPA2-Enterprise
  Uncheck   Start this connection automatically
  Click Next
Click Change connections settings
  Click Settings button      Uncheck Verify the server’s identity…
     Click Ok once
   Make sure “Remember my credentials for the connection each time I’m logged on” is checked
  Click Advanced settings button 
    Check Specify authentication mode
    Select User authentication
    Click Ok
    Click Ok
>Click Close
Click on wireless icon in the notification bar
  Click on Valencia-Secure   Select Connect (note: you can check Automatically connect)
In Popup window
  Enter your Valencia Campus username and password
  Press enter or click OK   
You should now be connected!

 Valencia-Secure Wireless step-by-step instructions (pdf)

For Questions or Help, call our helpdesk @ 925.8911 or stop by. We are located in the Learning Resource Center to the left of the library at the counter in the hallway.

Reset your password

To reset your Valencia Campus password: if you cannot sign in call 925.8911 or stop by.  If you can, sign in and press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to create a new password. (We are located in the Learning Resource Center to the left of the library at the counter in the hallway.)

To reset your password for unm email, myunm, blackboard learn,... call UNM IT @ 277.5757 or go online