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SAGE System

What is the SAGE System?

The SAGE Early Alert system connects you to other campus resources through your professor’s referral. Whether you’re missing class, your grade dropped below a “C,” you’re struggling with a specific concept, or for some other reason, your professor can use SAGE to help you get help. You will receive a SAGE email and then a member of staff will call or email you directly.

How to avoid getting “SAGE’d”

  • Always communicate to your professor when you know you have to miss class, or if you missed class unexpectedly, tell them right away.
  • Avoid missing class the first week of school as you can get dropped after two absences.
  • Check in with your professor early and often. Office hours (listed in syllabus) will tell you when to drop in on your professor to ask them questions. You can also email them or try to talk to them just before or after class. It is okay to ask about your grades if you can’t find them, to ask what actions you can take to raise your grades, to tell them you didn’t understand something in the lecture, or even to just say hello and tell them you like the class.
  • If you have an issue with a class and don’t feel comfortable talking to your professor, talk to the Student Success Manager to get tips and help
  • Spend time in the tutoring center, even if you don’t think you will need help. You can sit there and do homework, but have a tutor nearby if you get stuck.
  • Read your syllabi over and over!
  • Make goals for your semester. Know what grades you want, why you are taking your classes (are they core or electives?), how they might help you in the future. For example, a math class you don’t want to take now will help you get to the science class you do want to take in the future.
  • Make an early appointment with an advisor around midterms to discuss your long-term goals and to plan your coursework.

Have a big life event and need help getting resources?

Come talk to a Student Success Manager to get connected with local and UNM-Main resources!

  1. As a student of UNM-Valencia, you have access to low cost healthcare at Main Campus, including counseling. Appointments are typically $15. Call 505.277.3136 to make an appointment. For more information, click here.
  2. Are you in crisis and need to speak to someone immediately? Call Agora Crisis Center at 505.277.3013 or chat online.
  3. Manzanita Counseling center (free counseling for all), call 505.277.7311 to make an appointment. For more information, click here.