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STEM-H Internships

Why you need an internship today!

  1. Possible college credits
  2. Some internships are paid
  3. You might find your future job
  4. Career exploration … is it the right field for you?
  5. Build your experience, confidence, and resume
  6. Find role models and network to help guide you
  7. Improve your starting salary after college
  8. Identify what your career field is looking for in an employee and learn how you can become marketable
  9. Put your skills to the test and learn new skills too
  10. Meet peers with similar interests

Summer Internship Timeline

Fall Semester:

    • Select a career field of interest (please see Career Services if you are unclear of career interest)
    • Consider exploring your interests with an internship
    • Meet with Tania Garnas to discuss internship opportunities and begin internship application process
    • Work on résumé/cover letter with Sarah Clawson at Career Services

Spring Semester:

    • Continue applying to your internships* (Please note: some applications are due in the fall semester)
    • Identify starting dates, amount of hours expected to work, pay rate (if any)
    • Complete additional company paperwork (if applicable).
    • Prepare for your internship

Internship Tips:

    • Be appreciative for the opportunity and arrive on time
    • Be accountable and eager/willing to help
    • Network and find a mentor
    • Work hard and learn as much as you can

For questions or help finding your next internship opportunity, contact: