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K-12 STEM-H Outreach

Welcome K-12 students, teachers, and administrators! We want you to come visit our campus and participate in our STEM-H events and activities.

The K-12 component of the R2S2 grant is designed to generate interest and break down barriers for students interested in pursuing a degree in the STEM-H field. The goal is to expose students to STEM-H concepts and encourage them to consider a degree in STEM-H. We do this by providing various STEM-H events and activities on UNM-Valencia campus where students can visit our campus and actively participate in STEM-H related activities. Activities are mostly led by STEM-H faculty and college students. Some of these events include; Bio Blitz, Earth Day, Pi(e) Day, among a few others hosted throughout the year. Activities are subject to change without prior notice.

We will host a STEM-H Day at UNM-Valencia. All high schools are welcome to participate. This event will include a variety of activities such as STEM-H student and faculty panels/speakers, admissions, financial aid/ scholarships, degree opportunities, campus tours and more. Our intention is not to recruit for UNM-Valencia campus but rather provide students with information and allow easier access to higher education.

For more information regarding these events and to set up your visits to UNM-Valencia Campus, please contact