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Meet the R2S2 Staff


Carolina Aguirre, Sr. Program Manager

I am from New Mexico and I have worked at The University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University on several projects that support STEM students. I am the lead on the R2S2 project and as the lead I help organize our efforts to serve STEM students on the UNM-Valencia campus. I am open to feedback and ideas from students, as my primary goal is to put processes and programs in place that support students interested in STEM.


 Shalaine Buck

Shalaine Buck, Tutor

I am originally from Arizona, but I have lived in Albuquerque for the last 10 years. During that time, I graduated from The University of New Mexico with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics. I am currently the Staff Tutor and the lead for the Transfer Ambassador Project-UNM-Main campus on the R2S2 project. My mission is to provide tutoring services and other support to STEM-H students to become successful, independent learners during their academic career. With my previous work supporting STEM transfer students and as a STEM transfer student myself, I understand the difficulties and obstacles that can arise during the academic and transfer processes.

Glenda Kodaseet, Communication & Outreach Specialist

Ivy Okunor, Program Coordinator

As the R2S2 Coordinator, my role is to provide support and assistance to all of the many activities and initiatives planned by the project to support student success in STEM.

 Vero Salcido

Veronica Salcido, Student Success Specialist Sr.

I am the Financial Literacy Coach with the R2S2 project. As a first generation college student, I understand the importance of student-centered services. My primary role is to provide comprehensive Financial Literacy Services in helping STEM-H students who are participating in the Financial Literacy Program to manage their educational-related finances.

Tina Zuniga, Student Success Specialist Sr. 

I am the Transfer Advisor with the R2S2 project. My primary role is to provide holistic academic advisement and guidance to STEM-H students who are interested in transferring to one of our four-year partner institutions: The University of New Mexico - Main Campus, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and New Mexico State University.