Faculty Directory

Listed in alphabetical order by last name


Photo: Rosa Auletta

Rosa Auletta
Transitional Studies Manager, Title V Next Gen

Photo: Gregory Barnett

Gregory Barnett
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Photo: Justin Bendell

Justin Bendell
Chair - Humanities, Assistant Professor of English

Photo: Cheryl Bryan

Cheryl Bryan
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Photo: Ian Burch

Ian Burch
Lecturer II in Mathematics & Game Design

Photo: Sheral Cain

Sheral Cain
Lecturer II in Nursing

Photo: Marji Campbell

Marji Campbell
Chair - Nursing, Lecturer 2

Photo: Miriam Chavez

Miriam Chavez
Regents Professor of Biology

Photo: Joe Chavez

Joe Chavez
Lecturer II in Automotive Technology

Photo: Elaine Clark

Elaine Clark
Chair - Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, Assoc. Professor of Mathematics

Photo: Andisheh Dadashi

Andisheh Dadashi
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Photo: Nancy  Engler

Nancy Engler
Assistant Professor of Engineering

Photo: Benjamin Flicker

Benjamin Flicker
Assistant Professor of Biology

Photo: Jerry Godbout

Jerry Godbout
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Photo: Teresa Goodhue

Teresa Goodhue
Lecturer II in Developmental Studies

Photo: James Hart

James Hart
Program Coordinator of Information Technology, Research Lecturer I in Information Technology

Photo: Tina Hite

Tina Hite
Program Manager & Principal Lecturer, Adult Education Center

Photo: Kevin Hobbs

Kevin Hobbs
Assistant Professor of Physical and Natural Science

Photo: Ana June

Ana June
Assistant Professor of English

Photo: Scott Kamen

Scott Kamen
Assistant Professor of History

Photo: Julia Lambright

Julia Lambright
Program Coordinator of Fine Arts, Lecturer III in Fine Arts

Photo: Barbara Lovato

Barbara Lovato
Sr. Lecturer III, Library Director

Photo: Clifton Murray

Clifton Murray
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Photo: Laura Musselwhite

Laura Musselwhite
Dean of Instruction, Professor of History

Photo: Melanie Sanchez-Dinwiddie

Melanie Sanchez-Dinwiddie
Chair- Science and Wellness, Associate Professor of Biology

Photo: Julia So

Julia So
Chair - Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Sociology

Photo: Stephen Takach

Stephen Takach
Program Coordinator of Business Administration, Manufacturing & Industrial Technologies, Automotive Technology, Welding Technology, Lecturer III in Business

Photo: Tracy Terry

Tracy Terry
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Photo: Alexa Wheeler

Alexa Wheeler
Principal Lecturer III in Fine Arts, Humanities Coordinator

Photo: Heather Wood

Heather Wood
Associate Professor of English