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Table of Contents

Approved Spring 2018


I. Faculty Handbook Committee and Handbook Policy Adoption

I. Instructional Divisions and Faculty Administration

  • Academic Divisions
  • Other Instructional Divisions and Educational Services
  • Faculty Administration

II. Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

A. Faculty Appointments, Terms

B. Faculty Selection, Hiring, Orientation, and Evaluation

C. Requirements and Expectations of Faculty

D. Regular Compensation for Faculty

E. Compensation for Special Teaching-Related Services

F. Selection and Compensation for Independent Studies, Practicums and Course Challenges

G. Summer Teaching Compensation

H. Merit Pay

I. Teaching Loads, Course Releases, Overloads, and FTE limits

J. Promotion and Tenure Procedures

K. Full-Time Faculty Privileges

L. Faculty ID Cards

M. Faculty Assembly and Faculty Assembly Meetings

N. UNM-Valencia Campus Faculty Representation on UNM-Valencia Campus and Main Campus Committees and Advisory Groups

Faculty Senate Representative

Standing Committees of the Faculty Assembly

Other Valencia Campus Committees

Additional and Ad Hoc Committees

Advisory Groups

UNM Main Campus Committees

O. Academic Freedom

P. Academic Freedom for Branch Campus Faculty in Tenure and Promotion Process

Q. Faculty Development and Wellness Opportunities

R. Faculty Mailboxes

T. Graduation Ceremonies

III. Teaching at UNM-Valencia Campus

A. Syllabi
B. Textbooks
C. Class Meeting Times and Places
D. Class Caps or Maximum Class Enrollments
E. Proposing New Courses and Academic Programs
F. Course Assignments
G. Online, Hybrid, and Web-Enhanced Course Teaching Policies
I. Faculty Attendance and Emergency Dismissal of Classes
J. Class Lists, Student Attendance, and Class Drops
K. Typing, Duplicating, and Other Support Services
L. Instructional Equipment
M. Information Systems and Computer Usage
N. Faculty Office Hours
O. Teaching Environment
P. Guest Speakers
Q. Keys
R. Disciplinary Procedures
S. Security and Parking
T. Promoting Your Courses
U. Instructor of the Year Awards
V. Student of the Month Award
W. Student Retention

IV. Grading

A. Grading Policy Statement in Syllabus

B. Academic Progress

C. Academic Help

D. Tests and Quizzes

E. Academic Honesty

F. Final Grades

G. Returning Exams and Papers

H. Administration of IDEA forms

V. Procedural Amendments, Additions, and Changes to the UNM-Valencia Constitution


Faculty Annual Performance Review Form

Compensation for Special Teaching Assignments (Dual-Credit Courses)

Table of Factors for Full-Time Faculty Summer Employment

Tenure and Promotion Dossier Review Form

Lecturer Track Promotion Dossier Review Form

Sample Syllabus

Online Teaching Best Practices Guidelines