Tuition and Refund Policy


New Mexico Resident:
Part time (1-11 credit hours)$78.25 per credit hour
Full time (12-18 credit hours)$939

19 or more hours2

$78.25 per credit hour

(i.e., above 18 – tuition paid for hours in excess of 18 credit hours is nonrefundable)

7-11 credit hours$213.75 per credit hour
Full-time (12-18 credit hours)$2565.00

19 or more hours2

$213.75 per credit hour

(i.e., above 18 – tuition paid for hours in excess of 18 credit hours is nonrefundable)

Miscellaneous Fees
Application fee for degree-seeking students$15
Audit fee$78.25 per credit hour
Returned check fee$30 each (nonrefundable)
Installment payment plan fees$15/payment (nonrefundable)
Transcript fee$10 each

Course challenge fee (except for career/technical courses, developmental studies, and Tech Prep courses vary)

$78.25 per credit hour

Lab fees (see each semester's course schedule for appropriate lab fees)


Note: Senior citizens are eligible for reduced tuition under the Senior Citizen Reduced Tuition Act. Details regarding this provision can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

1 Tuition is subject to change at the discretion of The University of New Mexico Board of Regents. Registration at multiple campuses may incur additional costs.

2 Non-Refundable

Payment Methods

When a student enrolls in classes, he/she accepts financial responsibility for paying all charges such as tuition and fees. There are several methods of payment available to students: financial aid, cash, check, and credit card. All credit card payments have to be made online via LoboWeb. Only cash and check payments can be accepted at the Cashier’s windows.

Installment Payment Plan

Tuition and fees may be deferred in full if the student is receiving financial aid. Tuition and fees for students enrolled for six (6) or more credit hours, but not receiving financial aid, may also be deferred. An installment payment plan is available to students with an account balance of $100 dollars or more. The installment plan is accessed through LoboWeb at in the student’s UNM account suite. Students have a choice of two to five payments. The non-refundable set up fee ranges from $20 to $50 dollars, depending on the number of payments chosen by the student. The fee is due when the plan is set up, along with the first month’s payment. The student must have access to a debit or credit card in order to set up the payment plan. Student’s utilizing the installment payment plan to pay their tuition may also set up a credit line at the Valencia bookstore.  

Students seeking installment payment of their tuition and fees should see the UNM-Valencia Cashier’s Office to make financial arrangements.

Refund Policy1

3 week (or less) courses:
First day of class100%
After first day of classesNo Refund
Longer than 3, up to 6 week courses:
Friday of the first week of classes100%
After Friday of the first week of classesNo Refund
Longer than 6, up to 9 week courses:
Friday of the second week of classes100%
After Friday of the second week of classesNo Refund
Longer than 9 week courses:
Friday of the third week of classes100%
After Friday of the third week of classesNo Refund

1 Refund policy is subject to change at the discretion of the UNM Student Accounting Office.

Students who drop classes after refund deadlines are still responsible for payment of tuition and fees, even if no payment has been made and/or no classes have been attended.

All tuition and fee adjustments are based on the date of official drop, withdrawal, or disenrollment. To receive consideration for a refund of tuition and fees, students must complete official drop procedures for their courses.

Immediate refunds are not given. If a refund is due and payment was made by check, there is a 21 day hold period from the payment received date. Credit card refunds will be credited to the charge card.

If mailed, the refund check will be sent to the student’s current system mailing address. Students should confirm their address with the Cashier’s office. Paper checks are only mailed out on Fridays.

Service Charge on Delinquent Accounts

A service charge will be assessed on a student’s past due account balance. An account is considered past due if the billed current amount is not paid by the next billing date.

Collection Agencies

Monthly statements of accounts are emailed to all students. Failure to receive a statement of account does not relieve students of the responsibility for payment. If payments or arrangements are not made on a timely basis, the account may be placed with a collection agency. Should it be necessary for an outside agency to effect a collection, reasonable collection costs of at least 30 percent of the delinquent amount shall be added to the amount due and shall be paid by the debtor. If The University of New Mexico obtains judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction, the debtor shall be liable for collection agency fees as well as reasonable court costs and attorney’s fees.

Withholding Services

Students who have delinquent accounts will be denied privileges and services available to students enrolled in the University and in good financial standing. Students with delinquent accounts will be subject to sanctions that withhold:

1) Future registrations

2) Readmissions

3) Official transcripts

4) Installment payment participation

5) Future parking and library privileges

Third Party Sponsored Students

If a student’s tuition and fees are being paid by a third party, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the Cashier’s office receives an approved billing authorization prior to the posted disenrollment date. All prior charges from previous semesters must be paid.