Special Options for Study

Independent Study

UNM-Valencia provides the opportunity for students to study, on an independent basis, subjects appropriate for their program major. In an independent study arrangement, the student must first receive approval from the appropriate division chair and the Dean of Instruction. The student then meets with the designated course instructor to arrange for course requirements.

Independent study courses are available for special topics courses and courses in the catalog not being offered, but needed for graduation. The number of credit hours for a particular independent study course varies from one to three (1-3). Normal tuition applies as well as standard grading policies. A student may register for a maximum of three (3) credit hours of independent study per semester, and the course work outlined must be completed within the regular semester dates.

Practicum, Field-Based, and Cooperative Education Experiences

Practicum, field-based, and cooperative education experiences are available in many of the UNM-Valencia programs. These experiences combine structured classroom learning with actual work experiences to help students prepare for the realities of the work place. Students enroll in classes at UNM-Valencia and work at a training site for a specified number of hours. These experiences are evaluated by an assigned faculty member and training site supervisor for the work completed in the field. Practicum and field-based experiences are non-paid activities that expose students to a variety of functions in the work place. Cooperative education experiences are paid activities, which provide students the opportunity to fill a specific job function that is related to a student’s major, in private industry or government agency.

The following guidelines normally apply to the assignment of credits:

1) The number of credit hours earned is contingent upon the number of hours worked at the work site. Forty-five hours of work are required to earn one credit hour of academic credit.

2) The grade in the practicum or cooperative education course is based on supervisor feedback as reported in the evaluation.

Students should contact the Career Services Office at 505.925.8840 for information concerning the Cooperative Education and practicum experience.

Online and hybrid courses
Online courses are delivered exclusively through the web. Be aware that some online courses may have required, scheduled online meeting times. Any required meeting times will be indicated in the course schedule for that semester. 

Hybrid courses require that students attend classes in person half of the time and access much of the material online. These courses are designed to give you the flexibility and convenience you need to help you meet your educational goals. But before you consider enrolling in an online or hybrid course, the student should be aware that a good degree of initiative, discipline, diligence, and organization is required on the student’s part to successfully complete the course.

Students who enroll in an online course, hybrid course, or courses designated as “web-enhanced” (i.e., the instructor uses the internet and, in particular, Canvas, to manage instruction), will need to visit the following web site: canvas.unm.edu on or after the first day of classes to communicate with the instructor and get access to the course syllabus.

Online, hybrid, and web-enhanced computer hardware and skills requirements are as follows:

1) UNM net ID account and password;

2) Access to the Internet (high-speed internet connection preferred);

3) Speakers for listening to presentations; microphone for participating in discussions;

4) Web browser (please visit UNM Canvas home page at canvas.unm.edu for browser requirements);

5) Working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems;

6) Ability to use web browser, internet connection and electronic mail;

7) Ability to save and copy files and to receive and send email attachments.