Other Programs, Services, and Important Information

Computer Labs

Computer labs are available to all UNM-Valencia students for their use. In addition to the UNM Ethics Code and Policy for Computer Use, UNM-Valencia maintains policies of its own regarding the appropriate use of computer facilities. Authorization to use these labs requires that the student sign a Statement of Responsibility. The student must follow the lab usage rules set forth in the Statement of Responsibility. Access to some software, Internet and Main Campus computing facilities may be restricted to only certain labs and certain students (e.g., class enrollments). Computer lab hours are posted outside the labs. Lab assistants are available to assist with any problems.

Student ID Cards and Identification Numbers

Student ID cards are issued free of charge at the Library. The student is responsible for notifying Student Services of any incorrect information or loss of card. There is a $15 fee for first-time card replacement. The ID card is beneficial to the student for such activities as checking out books from the Library and using computer labs.

Grade Reports

Grade reports are not mailed to students directly. Official and unofficial transcripts are available upon request from the Registrar’s Office. Students can access their grades electronically by viewing their records on LoboWeb.

Parking Permits

UNM-Valencia Campus parking stickers must be displayed on all student vehicles. These stickers are available free of charge from the Police Department Office located in the Student Union upon completion of a vehicle registration form. There will be a $5 fee for replacement stickers.

Campus Police

Police officers and work-study security aides patrol the Valencia Campus during class hours. They also provide escort service, upon request, to parking areas during evening hours. They can assist in opening locked vehicles at the owner’s request. The Campus Police Office is located in Student Union. Campus Police personnel can be reached at 505.925.8570.


The UNM-Valencia Cafeteria, located in the Student Union, serves a variety of hot and cold selections as well as beverages and other specialties. Vending machines with beverages and snacks are also located in the Student Union. Check the cafeteria/snack bar for posted hours.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) strives to promote student activities while working to improve student relations with the faculty and administration. The SGA is interested in altruistic and cultural endeavors as well. The SGA office is in the Student Union. To request a copy of the UNM-Valencia SGA Constitution and Bylaws, contact Student Government.


The UNM-Valencia Bookstore is located in the Student Community Center complex, south of the Student Union. It stocks books for regularly offered courses and also handles special book orders. Additionally, the UNM-Valencia Bookstore carries a variety of office and school supplies, clothing and specialty items including caps, T-shirts, pens and pencils. UNM-Valencia bookstore accepts cash, check, and credit card payments for bookstore purchases.


UNM-Valencia has no dormitories. Students must make their own arrangements for housing.

Lost and Found

The lost and found area is located in the Police Department in the Student Union.

Phone Calls and Visitors

Please inform family and friends that UNM-Valencia policy states that students are not called from class to receive telephone calls or visitors.

Visitors on the campus are considered welcome guests of the university. However, visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not disrupt the educational mission of the campus, hinder the campus community, interfere with the rights of others to the pursuit of their education, or otherwise affect adversely the processes of the University. Inappropriate behavior may result in a visitor’s removal from the campus grounds.

Students are ultimately responsible for the behavior of visitors who accompany them to campus. Care should be taken about whom a student invites into the campus community.

Children on Campus

Parents must not bring children to university classes or leave children unattended while at campus activities or conducting business on campus. UNM-Valencia will not be held responsible for injury, illness, or expense thereof for children brought to college property by parents who are attending classes and/or campus activities.

Presence of Animals

Individuals are prohibited from having animals on campus or in campus buildings (except for registered service animals). Anyone violating this policy is subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.

Restricted Activities

Individuals are prohibited from using roller skates, roller blades, wheeled vehicles (except those needed to assist individuals with physical impairments) and/or motorized vehicles in pedestrian areas of the campus. All motorized and wheeled vehicles should be parked in designated areas of the parking lots. Anyone violating this policy is subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.

UNM-Valencia is not responsible for property loss, damage, or personal injuries. Students are urged to obtain their own property and medical insurance coverage. The University of New Mexico offers a Student Insurance Plan to all students who are enrolled for at least six credits. The insurance is a comprehensive, low-cost plan available to eligible students and their dependents. Applications are available at the UNM-Main Student Health Center (http://shac.unm.edu/insurance/index.html).