Program Description

The UNM-Valencia Associate Degree in Nursing program is a competitive-entry program designed to graduate entry-level nurses who are able to promote, restore, and maintain health for individuals, families, and groups within our rural community and globally. The New Mexico Board of Nursing (NMBON) has granted full approval to the UNM-Valencia Nursing Program through August 2022. The UNM Valencia Nursing Program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission on Education in Nursing (ACEN) through spring 2022.

Career and Educational Advancement Opportunities

The Nursing program at UNM-Valencia offers a career mobility format that prepares students for beginning Nursing practice in a variety of health care settings. Starting fall 2018, the UNM-Valencia Nursing program is utilizing the statewide New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) curriculum and will admit eight associate degree students and eight dual degree students annually.  Dual degree students will graduate after five semesters in the nursing program with an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Contact and Advising Information

Information about the associate of science in nursing degree is available from the the Nursing advisor, Tracy Owen, at 505.925.8915 or Health Sciences Division Nursing Program, Sheela Kaufman, at 505.925.8870.

Degree Requirements

Semester 1 (These courses are required for application to the program.) (11 credits)
CHEM 1120C **Introduction to Chemistry4
BIOL 1140/1140L **Biology for Health Sciences + Lab4
PSYC 1110Introduction to Psychology3
**You can use the CHEM 1120C or BIOL 1140/1140L grade for admission GPA, but not both.
Semester 2 (All of these courses except for NURS 239 are required for application to the program.) (12 credits)
BIOL 2210 (lab optional)Human Anatomy and Physiology I3 (1)
PSYC 2120 Developmental Psychology (Lifespan)3
ENGL 1110Composition I3
NURS 239Pathophysiology I3
Semester 3 (13 credits)
NMNC 1110Introduction to Nursing Concepts3
NMNC 1135Principles of Nursing Practice4
BIOL 2225 (lab optional)Human Anatomy and Physiology II3 (1)
NURS 240Pathophysiology II3
Semester 4 (13 credits)
NMNC 1210Health and Illness Concepts I3
NMNC 1220Health Care Participant3
NMNC 1235Assessment and Health Promotion4
NMNC 1230Nursing Pharmacology3
Semester 5 (13 credits)
NMNC 2310Health and Illness Concepts II3
NMNC 2320Professional Nursing Concepts3
NMNC 2335Care of Patients with Chronic Conditions4
ENGL 1120Composition II3
Semester 6 (10 credits)
NMNC 2410Health and Illness Concepts III4
NMNC 2435Clinical Intensive I4
NMNC 2445ADN Capstone2

Program Requirements

  • The application process will be on-line through NursingCAS. 50% of total is based on the Kaplan entrance exam (68% or above is required); 40% is based on specified prerequisite GPA; and 10% is based on local residency, twelve or more prerequisite credits taken at UNM-Valencia, Anatomy and Physiology I optional lab taken, and veteran status. 
  • All pre-requisite courses completed with a “C” or better and cumulative GPA in prerequisite courses of 2.75 or greater
  • Official transcripts will be submitted on-line at time of application
  • Proof of residency in UNM-Valencia service area if requesting additional selection point consideration
  • Copy of DD214 if requesting military service selection point consideration

Completion of the admission requirements makes the applicant eligible for consideration for admission to the UNM-Valencia Nursing Program. It does not guarantee admission. Students who are selected for admission will be required to submit further materials, including, but not limited to, background check and immunization records.

Total required (72 credits *) *2 additional optional Anatomy and Physiology labs