Program Description

This program combines the skills and competencies taught in CNA 101L (Nursing Assistant), PBT 101L/102L (Phlebotomy Technician) and HCHS 111 (Medical Terminology), with English, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Required Courses:

ENGL 1110 (Composition I) or its equivalent ENGL 1110Y or Z -- 3 credits

MATH 1170 (Technical Mathematics) -- 3 credits

CNA 101L (Nursing Assistant) -- 8 credits

PBT 101L (Phlebotomy Technician) -- 8 credits

PBT 102L (Phlebotomy Technician Clinical) -- 4 credits

HCHS 111 (Medical Terminology) -- 3 credits

BCIS 1110 (Introduction to Information Systems) -- 3 credits

Total Credits: 32

Career and Educational Advancement Opportunities

Students completing the required courses will be employable in clinics and medical offices with opportunity for career advancement in the healthcare field.

Contact and Advising Information

Information about the medical assistant certificate program is available from the Advisement Center at 505.925.8560 or, or the Health Sciences Division at 505.925.8970.

Course Prerequisites

Students must meet prerequisites by achievement of minimum placement scores on the ACCUPLACER or ACT or through completion of course work.


Course: ENGL 100 and FYEX 1110 or equivalent – or place into ENGL 1110;

ACCUPLACER/ACT Minimum Scores: 263+/19+

Course: MATH 099 – or place into MATH 100 or higher;

ACCUPLACER/ACT Minimum Scores: 237+ (Arithmetic)/13+