UNM-Valencia admits all qualified New Mexico applicants. Within the limits of its resources, it also accepts qualified students from other states and foreign countries. Because of the great diversity of UNM-Valencia’s students, special application and admission procedures have been created to meet the needs of the students served – including entering freshmen, transfer students, non-degree students, certificate students, and associate degree students.

Lobo ID and Social Security Numbers

For the initial application, students will need to disclose their Social Security Number to the University for Identification Purposes. The university will protect the confidentiality of the SSN as required by law. Once the student is admitted, a UNM ID number will be assigned and used for all access to records.

In order for students to register they will need to create a UNM NetID and a password to access registration and financial aid information through under the Student Life Tab. The Login ID should not be your Social Security number. Please keep your Login ID information and password to maintain your access.

The Application Process
Applications for admission to UNM-Valencia are available online at, at the Admission/Registration Office or by calling 925.8580.

Applications are required for students who:

  1. Have not previously attended UNM-Valencia;
  2. Have not attended UNM-Valencia for an academic year or more and are seeking readmission;
  3. Are changing from non-degree status to degree status;
  4. Are changing from a certificate to an Associate degree program;
  5. Are changing from a Bachelor’s degree program to an Associate degree program.

Once an application is completed, the student should submit it to the Admission/Registration Office, UNM-Valencia, 280 La Entrada Rd., Los Lunas, N.M. 87031. If more information is required, a notice is sent requesting the necessary information. Once all the necessary information is received and the student is found to be in good standing, a notice is sent informing the student of his/her acceptance.

Admission Requirements
UNM-Valencia essentially has an open-door admission policy. Admission is available to any student, not currently under suspension from any post-secondary institution, who meets at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Graduate of high school accredited by a regional accrediting association;
  2. Has valid High School Equivalency; or
  3. Is 18 years or older and not currently enrolled in high school. An admission to UNM-Valencia does not necessarily mean acceptance into specific programs.

Please contact the Admission/Registration Office for more information at 505.925.8580. In addition, the following requirements apply to students enrolled in degree or certificate programs, non-degree seeking students, and students who attended home school:

Associate Degrees
Please refer to the Application for Admission section for general information on the admissions process. Other requirements include:

  1. $15 nonrefundable application fee;
  2. Official high school transcript with graduation date or High School Equivalency transcript; and
  3. Official college transcripts from each post-secondary institution you have attended; these must be sent to UNM-Valencia directly from the institution of origin.

Transcripts must be in the Registrar’s Office by the Friday before the last day of regular registration.

Certificate Programs
Please refer to the Application for Admission section for general information on the admissions process. Other requirements include:

  1. $15 nonrefundable application fee.

Please refer to the Application for Admission section for general information on the admissions process. Please be aware that non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Requirements for Non-Accredited High School or Home School Students 
The University provides admission for those students (minimum age 16) who have been home-schooled or attended a non-accredited high school. Home School students must submit the following materials:

  1. Application for Admission.
  2. A $15 nonrefundable fee.
  3. Passing High School Equivalency test or home school transcript reflecting a graduation date.

Requirements for International Students
All International applications are processed at the International Admissions office at UNM-Main Campus.

Dual Credit and Concurrent Enrollment

Dual credit is a program that provides public high school students the opportunity to receive credit for both a high school course and a college course by taking a single qualifying course. Dual credit is a state statute, revised in 2007 by the State Legislature – Senate Bill 943, Statutory Authority, Section 9-25-8 NMSA (01/01/08). Concurrent enrollment functions similarly but does not require that the college course be aligned with a corresponding high school course. Consequently, the student is not guaranteed that the high school will accept the college credit toward high school graduation requirement.

One form of dual credit, referred to as college-offered, requires that the student attend regularly scheduled UNM-Valencia courses, either on campus or at an off-site location, which may include the high school site after hours. Another form of dual credit, referred to as school-offered, allows students to receive college credit for courses they’re taking at the high school. In addition, dual credit courses can be academic or career-technical in nature. These will be referred to as academic and vocational-special, respectively. Developmental or remedial courses and physical education courses cannot be offered for dual credit.

Admission for this program is a non-degree status and does not constitute regular admission to UNM-Valencia. To be considered for dual credit or concurrent enrollment it is necessary for the student to meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

To qualify for academic dual credit or concurrent enrollment courses, a high school student must:

  1. Be a public high school, private high school, or home school student;
  2. Be at least 16 years old (exceptions can be made in certain situations with approval of a parent, high school principal, and college dean);
  3. Have a minimum 2.5 GPA;
  4. Achieve minimum qualifying score on the ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER tests (this applies to English and mathematics courses and courses which require college-level English or mathematics prerequisites); and
  5. Complete the Dual Enrollment Initial Application Packet form provided by UNM-Valencia and provide an official high school transcript.

To qualify for vocational-special dual credit courses a high school student must:

  1. Be a public high school student (please see note in Number 1 above);
  2. Be at least a high school freshman;
  3. Have a minimum 2.0 GPA;
  4. Complete the Vocational Special form provided by UNM-Valencia and provide an official high school transcript.