Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement is an integral part of each student’s educational experience at UNM-Valencia. Academic advisors provide detailed information about educational programs, academic procedures, and financial aid opportunities to new, returning and continuing students. Students are urged to discuss their ongoing educational and professional goals with academic advisors in Advisement Services located in the Student Services building.

Academic and program advisement appointments are available through LoboAchieve in Loboweb. Students may also call 505.925.8560 to set up an appointment. Walk-in advisement is available daily for quick questions or issues. Students with 26 or fewer completed credit hours (excluding developmental courses) must see an academic advisor before registering, adding or dropping classes. However, all students are urged to review course selections with an academic advisor prior to registration.

Students who have decided upon a UNM-Valencia or UNM degree major are encouraged to meet with UNM-Valencia academic advisors to develop a degree pathway and to make sure that steady progress is being made towards completion of the degree.

Students who have not yet decided on a specific degree program should meet with an academic advisor to review degree pathways prior to registration. Academic advisors can refer students to career services for assessments and career information. However, program and course selections are ultimately the student’s responsibility.

Academic advisors can help in many different areas, not only scheduling classes. If you have questions about grades or grading options, grade point average, applying to graduate, transferring to main campus or other schools, or any other related issues or university policies, an academic advisor can help you get the information you need.

Upward Bound Program

The Upward Bound Program is a precollege academic achievement program designed to help high school students develop the motivation and skills that are required to graduate high school and successfully complete a college degree. During the academic year and summer program students will be provided with personal, vocational, and academic counseling. The program is designed to build academic skills and to provide a variety of career, cultural, and social experiences.

The Upward Bound Program is available to students attending Belen, Los Lunas and Valencia High Schools. For admission to the program, students must meet certain criteria set forth by the U.S. Department of Education. Students may request a pre-application form and tutoring information from their high school Counselor or the UNM Valencia website. To participate in the program or for more information call Upward Bound at 505.925.8861.

Career Services Center

Career Services are available to all students, alumni, and community members within UNM-Valencia’s service area.  Services include assistance for those who have not yet chosen a major or have not yet determined a career path. The center helps students to determine possible career and academic areas of concentration through career advisement, which may include taking various assessments. The Career Services Center provides career information on most occupations and guidance on how to access and use the information to make occupational choices. Additionally, the Career Services Center assists in resume writing, job search strategies, and enhancing job interviewing skills through individual sessions and workshops.

Career Placement

The ultimate goal of the Career Services Center is to assist students in finding suitable employment. In order to accomplish this, the Career Services Center staff provides students with the necessary training to acquire employment. Although graduates of UNM-Valencia are responsible for finding their own employment, the Career Services Center staff will provide job-seeking assistance.

Individual and group presentations and workshops are available on such topics as conducting job searches, interviewing skills, résumé writing, and professionalism.

Cooperative Education/Internship Programs

Cooperative Education and Internships are opportunities for students to gain work experience in a position related to their major field of study. Normally, students are eligible for cooperative education when they have completed their freshmen curriculum (or are nearing the end of their career/technical program in which they have acquired the necessary entry-level skills in their respective field). The number of clock hours a student must work in order to receive credit depends on the individual program. In order for academic credit to be awarded for a cooperative education experience or internship, the program must be approved through the Career Services Center. Interested students should contact Career Services at 505.925.8840 for information on current Cooperative Education/Internship listings.

UNM-Main Campus College Advisement Centers

Students wanting to transfer to a four-year institution are encouraged to plan their academic studies wisely by seeing a UNM-Valencia advisor as soon as they decide they want to transfer. If a student plans to transfer to the UNM-Main Campus, the College Advisement Centers listed below should also be contacted for academic planning while attending UNM-Valencia:


DepartmentPhone Number
Anderson Schools of Management505.277.6471
Arts and Sciences505.277.4621
Dental Medicine505.272.4513
Fine Arts505.277.2112
Medicine (Pre-Med)505.272.4766
University College505.277.2631