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Current Jobs


Resident Care Attendant

Personal Time Off
Training payments
Educational opportunities
Access to Health Care
Hourly wages based on experience
Access to amenities at the Garden Gate Day Spa
Employee Free Meal Day at the Green House Bistro
Discount on services at the Garden Gate Day Spa
Discounts on Cellular Telephone Services
Applications available at 5A Thomas Road, Los Lunas, NM
Or call 505-865-8813 or 270-8053. Fax resumes to: 865-4866
Email resumes to

Receptionist/Spa Attendant

Responsibilities: Implement and maintain spa policies and procedures, ensure the best experience for guests, coordinate treatment schedules, operate communication systems, receive/balance fees/payments, order/deliver spa cuisine, maintain proper pool chemical/temperature levels, do laundry/locker room re-stocking as needed, ensure proper opening/closing procedures as required, including setting or removing alarm code.


Communications systems

  1. Answer phone
  2. Provide information on services and direct calls accordingly
  3. Check phone messages and forward information accordingly
  4. Follow open and closing procedures for the spa area
  5. Greet all guests according to protocol, making them feel welcome and having them fill-out information questionnaire
  6. Check music levels throughout the day in all areas
  7. Check guests throughout the day to ensure quality service
  8. Be current on Gold Leaf Members’ quarterly payment schedules


  1. Take reservations for services and coordinate treatment schedules securing such with CC#’s kept in confidential location.
  2. Be aware of and maintain HIPPA confidentiality.
  3. Ensure therapists receive Questionnaires on guests pre-treatment
  4. Turn on/off hot stones, waxer, tea pots, fountains, sauna, steam rooms, pool equipment, etc.
  5. Keep water levels filled in outside pond, pool and Jacuzzis as shown
  6. Keep supplies filled as needed
  7. Empty lockers of dirty laundry as needed
  8. Empty trash and deposit in dumpster when leaving
  9. Build data bases to track client information including but not limited to:
  • Mailing systems, health care systems, referral systems, special lists etc.
  • Confirm all daily appointments according to procedure
  • Send mailings as needed
  • Create on line systems as needed
  • Update web page spa services:  specials, promotions etc.
  • Be able to conform to dress code policies and colors

 Account Systems (Spa ‘N’ Cuisine)

  1. Record all accounts receivable according to procedure
  2. Process credit card charges
  3. Process bills
  4. Count petty cash
  5. Compute time cards and process payroll
  6. Prepare deposits and reconcile systems with bookkeeper

Other Miscellaneous Systems

  1. Be familiar with and conversant about treatments/products offered
  2. Be able to retail both
  3. Be familiar with all safety/security measures as found on the Center for Ageless Living, pertaining to all aspects.
  4. Be able to articulate The Director’s vision for the Center
  5. Assist wherever one is asked
  6. Be available for any and all trainings, staff meetings or seminars
  7. Notify management of any sicknesses, appointments or other reasons for employment absences
  8. Keep current all pertinent employee information

Spa Assistant Requirements

  1. General office and customer relations experience
  2. Effective written and verbal communication skills
  3. A high level of attention to detail
  4. Ability to work effectively within a team and independently
  5. Experience using computers for a variety of tasks
  6. Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook
  7. Good organization skills

 Training and Development

  1. Ensure all team members know how to use appropriate equipment
  2. Complete mandatory induction and training courses, as and when required
  3. Maintain professional knowledge and competence

Health & Safety

  1. To be responsible for your own Health and Safety and that of anybody else who may

be affected by your acts or omissions

  1. Promote safe working practice in the Center for Ageless Living

 General Duties

In addition to the above, there are some general requirements that apply to all jobs in the

Center for Ageless Living Community:

  1. Take responsibility for the safeguarding of adults, and follow the Center for Ageless Living policy as required
  2. Participation in team meetings
  3. Participation in training activities
  4. Participation in team supervision and personal development review
  5. Participation in quality assurance systems
  6. Take responsibility for personal development by keeping abreast of developments in the field of hospitality, health and wellness and customer service

All duties must be carried out to comply with:

  1. Notification of accidents and other health and safety requirements
  2. Statutory legislation in particular the health and hygiene regulations
  3. Nationally and locally agreed codes of good practice
  4. Fire precautions
  5. Equal opportunity and the Center for Ageless Living anti-discriminatory policy

A love of Legos, Scooby-doo cartoons, chess games, guitar, Star Wars,  leapTV games, and watching of puppet shows are all pluses, but not required.

           Must be able to show up when agreed.

Occasionally needed for parents night/day out 2-3 hours. Pay up to $10/hr. Also will be needed for full or half day during the week of 4/29, so Mom can take a final in Albuquerque. We live 1-2 miles East of UNMV.

           Text/call Mom (Della Crawford) 219-9904,