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Art Studio

Art Studio
Associate of Arts

Program Description

The fine arts program at UNM-Valencia provides students with the first two years of study toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (BFA) at UNM-Main. Courses and course sequences are designed to encourage students to discover art principles and develop their creativity in such subjects as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, and electronic media. Students also study art to broaden their cultural background and enhance their general education. The first level of courses is designed for beginning students with little or no experience in fine arts.

Career and educational advancement opportunities

The program provides students with the courses necessary for completion of the first two years of study toward a bachelor's degree at UNM-Main Campus and most other 4-year institutions. Being a practitioner of studio art allows a student to expand in many artistic directions. It could be the start of a career as an artist where you create personal works. A student could also pursue a position in an arts organization or as a design assistant. Some students are seeking to prepare to teach as their career. There are many options in the field of art, and they can be an individual as each student.


Information about the associate of arts in art studio is available from Advisement Center at 505.925.8560 or, or the Business, Technology, and Fine Arts Division, at 505.925.8711.

Course prerequisites

Students must meet prerequisites in English and mathematics by achievement of minimum placement scores on the Accuplacer of ACT or through completion of course work.

Course: ENGL 100 and UNIV 101or equivalent – or place into ENGL 110;

Credit Hours: 4 and 3; ACCUPLACER/ACT Minimum Scores: 166+/19

Degree Requirements

Writing and Speaking (6 credits)
ENGL 110 (Accelerated Composition) or 112 (Composition II) or 113 (Enhanced Composition)3 or 3 or 4
ENGL 219 (Technical and Professional Writing) or CJ 130 (Public Speaking)3
Mathematics (3 credits)
Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Mathematics.
Physical and Natural Sciences (4 credits)
Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Physical and Natural Sciences, which must include a lab.
Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credits)
PSY 105 (General Psychology) or SOC 101 (Introduction to Sociology)3
Humanities or Foreign Language (3 credits)
Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Humanities or Foreign Language
Fine Arts (3 credits)
Select one course from UNM Core Curriculum in Fine Arts.
Art Studio Core Requirements (39 credits)
ARTH 101 (Introduction to Art)3
ARTH 201 (History of Art I)3
ARTH 202 (History of Art II)3
ARTS 106 (Drawing I)3
ARTS 125 (Arts Practices I)3
ARTS 126 (Arts Practices II)3
Select 7 Courses from the following 10 course options:
ARTS 130 (Introduction to Electronic Art)3
ARTS 168 (Introduction to Ceramics )3
ARTS 187 (Introduction to Photography) or ARTS 188 (Visualizing Ideas Using Photography)3
ARTS 205 (Drawing II)3
ARTS 207 (Painting I)3
ARTS 213 (Sculpture I)3
ARTS 231 (Video Art I)3
ARTS 268 (Ceramics II)3
ARTS 289 (Digital Imaging Techniques )3
FA 229 (Topics in Art)3
Total required (61 credits) Students transferring to UNM-Main or other 4-year institutions should be aware that core curriculum requirements are not necessarily met upon completion.