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Office and Business Technology

Office and Business Technology
Associate of Applied Science

Program Description

As technology continues to expand, so does the necessity for well-qualified office personnel. Cutting edge computers and electronic communication equipment are a vital part of the 21st century office. Organizations need timely and effective office and administrative support in order to meet the needs of today's demanding and complex office. Administrative Assistant and Support Service positions will continue to be available to qualified individuals and are available in virtually every sector of the economy: education, legal, medical, government, and small and large businesses.The majority of this degree can be taken online.

Career and educational advancement opportunities

Upon completion, students will be ready to obtain an office position. In order to advance, students are encouraged to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam and join a professional organization such as the International Association of Administrative Professionals and work toward becoming a Certified Administrative Professional. While occupational in nature, the degree can be transferred to UNM-Main and applied toward a bachelor's in Organization, Information and Learning Science.


Information about the associate of applied science office and business technology degree program is available from Advisement Center at 505.925.8560 or or the Business, Technology and Fine Arts Division, at 505.925.8711.

Course prerequisites

Students must meet prerequisites in English and mathematics by achievement of minimum placement scores on the Accuplacer of ACT or through completion of course work.

Course: ENGL 100 and UNIV 101 or equivalent – or place into ENGL 110;

Credit Hours: 4 and 3; ACCUPLACER/ACT Minimum Scores: 166+/19

Degree Requirements

Writing and Speaking (9-10 credits)
ENGL 110 (Accelerated Composition) or 112 (Composition II) or 113 (Enhanced Composition)3 or 3 or 4
ENGL 119 (Technical Communications)3
ENGL 120 (Composition III) or CJ 130 (Public Speaking)3
Mathematics or Physical and Natural Sciences (3 credits)
Select a non-developmental mathematics course or one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Physical and Natural Sciences.
Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credits)
Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Fine Arts, Humanities and Foreign Language (3 credits)
Select one course from the Core Curriculum in Fine Arts, Humanities or Foreign Language.
Core requirements (51-52 credits)
CS 150L (Computing for Business Students)3
IT 121 (Electronic Spreadsheets)3
IT 122 (Introduction to Database Management Systems)3
MGMT 113 (Management: An Introduction)3
MGMT 116 (Human Relations in Business)3
OBT 101 (Introduction to Accounting) or MGMT 101/L (Fundamentals of Accounting I plus Lab)3-4
OBT 110 (Business Language Skills)3
OBT 111 (Keyboarding and Word Processing I)3
OBT 112 (Keyboarding and Word Processing II)3
OBT 205 (Business Math Applications)3
OBT 219 (Legal Terminology), OBT 221 (Medical Transcription) or IT 222 (Database Management Systems)3
OBT 235 (Records Management)3
OBT 257 (Administrative Procedures)3
OBT 260 (Desktop Publishing and Presentation)3
OBT 263 (Preparation for Microsoft Word Certification)3
OBT 265 (Business Communications)3
OBT 295 (Practicum/Cooperative Education)3
Total required (69 credits) Students transferring to UNM-Main or other 4-year institutions should be aware that core curriculum requirements are not necessarily met upon completion.