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Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts
Associate of Arts

Program Description

The program combines course work in the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities. These areas of learning cultivate skills that help students develop a sense of social responsibility, as well as strong and transferable intellectual and practical skills. Through this broad well-rounded curriculum, students learn effective writing and verbal communication, problem solving and analytical thinking skills. At its core, the degree is designed to fulfill the first two years of a bachelor's degree.

Career and educational advancement opportunities

The degree will provide students with a basic educational framework of value in a variety of fields including the arts, research and business. Graduates from the program might go on to careers in public policy, mass media, city planning, business, journalism, publishing, education, sales and marketing, government, communications, museum work, or entertainment. Completion of this degree will enable students to continue studies at UNM-Main Campus (or most 4-year institutions), leading to a bachelor's degree in areas such as: Anthropology, Classics, Communications, Criminology, Economics, English, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology or Women Studies.


Information about the associate of arts in liberal arts degree program is available from Advisement Center at 505.925.8560 or, or the Academic Affairs Office, at 505-925-8600.

Course prerequisites

Students must meet prerequisites in English and mathematics by achievement of minimum placement scores on the Accuplacer or ACT or through completion of course work.

Course: ENGL 100 and UNIV 101or equivalent – or place into ENGL 110;

Credit Hours: 4 and 3; ACCUPLACER/ACT Minimum Scores: 166+/19

Course: MATH 120 and MATH 106 – or place into MATH 121;

Credit Hours: 3 and 1; ACCUPLACER/ACT Minimum Scores: 104-120 (Elementary Algebra)/22

Degree Requirements

Writing and Speaking (12-13 credits)
ENGL 110 (Accelerated Composition) or 112 (Composition II) or 113 (Enhanced Composition)3 or 3 or 4
ENGL 120 (Composition III)3
*CJ 130 (Public Speaking), PHIL 156 (Reasoning and Critical Thinking), ENGL 219 (Technical and Professional Writing) or 220 (Expository Writing)6
Choose two courses from this list. ENGL 219 and 220 are recommended for English concentration.
Mathematics (3-6 credits)
MATH 121 (College Algebra), 129 (A Survey of Mathematics), or STAT 145 (Introduction to Statistics)3
For the Sociology concentration, students must choose two courses from the Mathematics area - STAT 145 is recommended. For other concentrations, only one course is required.
Physical and Natural Sciences (7-8 credits)
Select two courses from the UNM Core Curriculum in Physical and Natural Sciences, one of which must include a lab.
Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)
Select two courses from the UNM Core Curriculum in Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Humanities (6 credits)
Select two courses from the UNM Core Curriculum in Humanities.
Fine Arts (3 credits)
Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Fine Arts.
Foreign Language (3 credits)
Select one course from UNM Core Curriculum in Foreign Language or Sign Language.
General Electives (18-20 credits)
Select a minimum of 18 credits of electives from any academic field.


English: 18-20 elective credits, 9 of which are English courses.

Sociology: 18 elective credits, 9 of which are Sociology courses.

Psychology: 18-20 elective credits, 9 of which are Psychology courses.

History: 18-20 elective credits, 9 of which are History courses.

Liberal Arts: 18-20 elective credits.

Total required (60 credits) Students transferring to UNM-Main or other 4-year institutions should be aware that core curriculum requirements are not necessarily met upon completion.