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Film Technology Certificate

Film Technology Certificate
Digital Media Arts

Program Description

The two-year, 32 credit-hour certificate in film technology offers specialized training in film industry pre-production, production, and post-production for students to gain experience and knowledge of the film industry. The certificate is designed to develop hands-on skills by using and experimenting with equipment covering all aspects of filmmaking, better preparing students for employment on film and television sets as production assistants and other film crew positions.

Career and educational advancement opportunities

Film and television productions that often shoot in the area need reliable, trained crew members. Film technology graduates will be prepared for entry-level crew positions in the area of film and television production.


Information about the film technology certificate is available from the Advisement Center at 505.925.8560 or at, or the Business, Technology and Fine Arts Division, at 505.925.8711.

Course prerequisites

Students must meet prerequisites in English and mathematics by achievement of minimum placement scores on the ACCUPLACER or ACT or through completion of course work.

Courses: ENGL 100 and UNIV 101 or equivalent – or place into ENGL 110 (ACCUPLACER/ACT minimum score of 166+/19)

Certificate in Film Technology Requirements

 Area                                                                                     Credits

DMA 120 (Introduction to Television and Film Production)       4

DMA 125 (Introduction to Pos-Production Editing)                   4

DMA 130 (Cinematography)                                                      4

DMA 135 (Short Film Production)                                              4

DMA 140 (Commercial Production)                                           4

DMA 145 (Documentary Film Production)                                 4

DMA 150 (Television and Film On-Set Internship)                     4

DMA 155 (Co-op Feature Film Production)                               4

Total Required: (32 credits)