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Business Administration

Business Administration
Associate of Arts

Program Description

Today’s business managers must be prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment. At UNM-Valencia, students are provided the opportunity to complete the first two years of a business administration curriculum in areas such as accounting, business computer systems, finance, human resources, marketing and others. The advantages of beginning studies at UNM-Valencia include smaller class sizes and a team of instructors dedicated to teaching excellence.

Career and educational advancement opportunities

The Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree is a transfer program. The curriculum has been carefully articulated with the UNM Anderson School of Management to ensure that all successfully completed courses transfer without loss of credit. Students should apply for acceptance to the Anderson School of Management one semester prior to transfer. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all pre-admission course work.


Information about the associate of arts in business administration is available from Advisement Center at 505.925.8560 or, or the Business, Technology and Fine Arts Division, at 505.925.8711.

Course prerequisites

Students must meet prerequisites by achievement of minimum placement scores on the ACCUPLACER or ACT or through completion of course work.

Course: ENGL 100 and UNIV 101 or equivalent – or place into ENGL 110;

Credit Hours: 4 and 3; ACCUPLACER/ACT Minimum Scores: 166+/19

Course: MATH 120 and MATH 106 – or place into MATH 121;

Credit Hours: 3 and 1; ACCUPLACER/ACT Minimum Scores: 104-120 (Elementary Algebra)/22

Degree Requirements

Writing and Speaking (9-10 credits)
ENGL 110 (Accelerated Composition) or 112 (Composition II) or 113 (Enhanced Composition)3 or 3 or 4
ENGL 120 (Composition III)3
ENGL 219 (Technical and Professional Writing) or 220 (Expository Writing)3
Mathematics (6 credits)
MATH 121 (College Algebra) or 150 (Pre-Calculus)3
MATH 180 (Elements of Calculus I) or 162 (Calculus I)3
Physical and Natural Sciences (7-8 credits)
Select two courses from the UNM Core Curriculum in Physical and Natural Sciences, one of which must include a lab.
Social and Behavioral Sciences (15 credits)
ECON 105 (Introductory Macroeconomics)3
ECON 106 (Introductory Microeconomics)3
PSY 105 (General Psychology) or SOC 101 (Introduction to Sociology)3
Select two additional courses from PSY, SOC, ANTH, LING, or POLS.
Humanities (3 credits)
Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Humanities. An additional upper division humanities course is required by the Anderson School of Management (ASM) at UNM-Main.
Fine Arts (3 credits)
Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Fine Arts.
Foreign Language (3 credits)
Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum in Foreign Language.
Core Requirements (17 credits)
CS 150 (Computing for Business Students)3
MGMT 113 (Management: An Introduction)3
MGMT 113 is not required for admission to ASM, but is required for an AA in BA at UNM-Valencia..
MGMT 101 and 101L (Fundamentals of Accounting I and Lab)4
MGMT 102 and 102L (Fundamentals of Accounting II and Lab)4
MGMT 101/101L and MGMT 102/102L combined is the equivalent of MGMT 202 at ASM.
STAT 145 (Introduction to Statistics)3
Total required (63 credits) Students transferring to UNM-Main and other 4-year institutions should be aware that core curriculum requirements are not necessarily met upon completion.